Need Help With Saboteur Build!

I’ve played mainly warder and druid so I don’t have much experience with sabo, but this is what I’ve come up with. It maximizes fire strike and adds the default attack abilities from NB (Amarasta’s, Whirling Death, Execution). Not much health but a hell of a lot of abilities that punish enemies for attacking my toon, with slow, stun, knockdown etc. Also 3 CC abilities (Blade Trap, Blade Barrier, and Stun Jacks) to prevent taking too much damage.

Devotion is all about getting to Ulzuin’s Torch (fire damage), Dire Bear (phys damage + aoe stun) and Revenant for life steal. Not sure about keeping revenant but don’t know what else would beat 9% life leech. Also took as much ele damage % as I can - including just 1 point in rhowan’s crown. 1 pt in behemoth for the 8% life.

This would definitely not be a hardcore viable build as it’s a glass cannon but I would like suggestions if anyone has any sabo experience.

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Saboteur is very easy character to build and though Jajaja’s has some very impressive stats, I prefer to avoid Brimstone with melee builds as it is better with ranged! (50 NB / 32 Demo works for me)!

Don’t spread yourself too thin with random 1 pointers and try to max Firestrike line, Pneumatic burst, Blast Shield, Flame Touched & Vindictive Flame

Blade barrier is a great 1 pointer for OhSh1t moments but other than that just spend points as you feel you find you need them whilst levelling.

Also, if u r taking Ulzuin’s Torch devotion, your AoE woes are lessened

this is what I am levelling