Need ideas for additional challenge

Im going for hardcore playthrough with such rules:

  1. Hardcore veteran difficulty.
  2. Purely Nightblade (no double spec).
  3. Dual wield only.
  4. Potions are banned.
  5. Cant invest any points in Physique.

I dont want to limit progression systems, so gems and devotions are allowed. But maybe you can hint me some additional challenges I could add to my rulebook?

You’re overthinking it, try killing Mogdrogen with Lightning (his only damage type). Even though he is only weak to one specific damage type, other types can kill him. But try killing him with Lightning.

  1. avoid the help of the factions and using any of their items.
  2. max all video settings and run other power hungry apps/ programs in the background
  3. avoid using items with plus to nightblade skills and maybe limit urself to just using rare items… no epics allowed
  4. self found only no sharing of items from other chars
  5. play the game with the mouse only

keep eyes closed during game play?

Try hardcore using only a steam controller, or if you can use another game pad try that.

Ban all active skills?

I do this anyway with a 360 controller. Find it easier than using k/m.

Try putting all ur points into spirit and using only grey equipment