need improvemnet: summon skills granted by items

issue is:

currently, player’s summon skills behavior is different from item’s summon skills, item’s summon skill has high priority to follow, even there are enemies the pets granted by items prefer to follow and stand next to player. this is not good and need improvement.

for example:
Salazar’s Harbinger, this melee pet is granted by item. even there are enemies nearby, he prefer standing next to me, i have to manually set it to aggresive.

simply, what i want to say it:
with the same behavior “normal”, pets granted by player’s skill will attack enemies nearby initiatively. but pets granted by items won’t, they prefer standing next to you except you manually set to aggresive(especially melee pet).

and game seems have no setting option to remember player’s behavior settings, that means players have to manually reset behavior after each game restart.