Need information/help for 2h Cold/Vitality build

Hello, I’m new to the forums and never really played far into Elite difficulty (I’m an altoholic lol) so please don’t be too harsh with feedback!

I’m planning on doing this build (gear choice is mainly a place holder… nothing certain): grimtoolsDOTcom/calc/w269jzxN

I’ll be going for a 2hander Cold/Vitality ritualist build and so far, it’s the build I had the most ease and fun with and breezed through content so far (but yeah, only lvl 56 atm so I don’t have “end game experience” yet).

I use bone harvest as my left click (main nuke) and, while it’s on CD, my WPS increase my damage quite a lot plus I use wendigo totem + soul siphon + devouring swarm (with twin fangs devotion) to increase my ADctH and leech back health while devouring swarm and Spectral Wrath shred vitality resistances.

The thing is, after looking into endgame gear, it doesn’t seem like there’s lots of good cold + vit legendary gear like Greaves of Ill Omen for a ritualist.

So in short:
1)is my Cold/Vitality a viable build for endgame?
2)should I worry about endgame gear being close to non-existant for cold+vit?

Thank you for your input!

So nobody cares to take 15sec of their life to help a fellow player out?

Bone Harvest will not proc Feral Hunger iirc. That only works off default weapon attacks like Cadence and Savagery.

Oh yeah, I know it’s not a default weapon attack so it cannot proc WPS such as feral hunger but the point is to have my WPS proc and increase my damage when my left click (bone harvest) is on cooldown (thus when I can only do regular melee attacks).

It’s hard to help without a GT link

Link is there spanksalot, just need to put the last part in the builder.


I’ve found it’s best to focus on a single damage type (with the exception of going multiple elemental damage types), as that leads to greater damage due to larger RR stacking and flat damage bonuses. Any other damage which you get in is fine, but it’s generally not significant.

The GrimTools link you shared doesn’t have all resists maxed. That’s the first glaring flaw. In addition to this, your OA and DA are a bit low. They should be close to or exceeding 3K when taking into account your sources of OA/DA reduction.

Regarding skill investment:

Not using savagery is a real waste. If you’re going to be attacking enemies with your weapon you should have a normal attack replacer. Storm Totem doesn’t really fit with your build, IMO (you’re not a caster) so I’d pull that in favor of investing in the Savagery tree. I also feel you really over-invested in Blood Pact. That skill is best used as a 1-point wonder. Investing in Blood Boil is much better because of how it reduces enemy OA.

You appear to have invested incredibly heavily in life steal (%ADCtH). It is possible to make a build with this as your primary survival mechanic, but it needs to be rounded out with maxed resistances and semi-decent DA so you don’t get hit by crits before you can heal. High attack speed is also very necessary if you want to use life steal as a primary survival mechanic.

Devotions look pretty good. I’d consider working in Wendigo as it works really well as a source of healing for Vitality builds.

This is moving more in the right direction, but I don’t think it’ll really “work” with the Valguur’s set.

Try this on for size. It’s a pure vitality damage 2h vitality melee ritualist which uses no set bonuses (because there isn’t really a good set for 2h vitality melee).

Also, here is a 2h vitality melee conjurer which uses the Valguur set.

EDIT: Here is a 2h cold melee infiltrator.

Sorry, as it was my first post, I couldn’t post a link and had to replace the “.” with “DOT” but otherwise the link should work :slight_smile:

Wow, thanks a lot for that super detailed comment! I’ll make sure to digest it all. And extra thanks for the time you put in making those builds for me to check out!!