Need more options for Ranged Default Attack Replacers

I do not want to give the impression that we need to add more ranged classes, just make some of the current DARs (Default Attack Replacers) do more than just adjust the damage of Ranged attacks.

For example, Cadence could instead of dealing 3x damage every third hit, have 100% pierce chance every third hit, & Savagery could gain a chance to pierce up to one enemy (possibly hitting 2 enemies) once you get to maximum charge level.

I know that Demo’s Explosive Strike (Fire Strike augment) is really good, but I’d like options to use other skills. On the case of Savagery, it wouldn’t be able to hit a second target if you proc an Proc Attack Skill (The explosive hit from Inquisitor, Reaping Strike, Markovian’s Advantage, etc.).

I just feel there’s all these different aoe basic attacks for melee, but there’s only the augments for firestrike or the PAS from Inquisitor for dealing aoe damage with ranged. Also, With Cadence in particular, it would open up opportunities to play a pure physical Ranged Character (Cause there’s a lot of nice Pure Phys & Phys/Piercing Ranged Weapons, but not a whole lot of Support for it in the Masteries).

What do y’all think? Would Anyone Else like to see some more DARs having Ranged interactions (& make non-Demo Ranged Builds Viable?)?

Actually, while I’m on this topic, maybe add a few affixes for ranged weapons that gives them either a low % pierce chance or a higher % chance to pierce up to X enemies. Something to make clearing mobs/maps just a little bit nicer.

for repleacers, i see the point of additional hit type of skills need to be weaker when ranged. but i prefer damage penalty instead of making them single.

Another thing we could do if Changing the DARs isn’t a balance-able idea, would be to make some of the aoe PASs pierce, hitting up to the same amount of enemies maximum as the melee cone. Necrotic Edge could do this, & maybe Blade Arc (or make a 1 point augment that allows for them to be used this way with ranged attacks).

I very much agree. I would even take a 50% damage penalty when ranged with maybe the damage penalty reducing as you level it, over making all PAS hit a single target with Ranged