Need picture of Korvaak's Scion

I tried using the GD viewer but could get it to accept FG monsters to open,
can anyone see if they can gain access and possibly post a good frontal picture
of these enemies ?.

i dunno how to access those picture files, but just want to clarify… by korvaak’s scion, you mean those korvan rageflame enemies that look like giant fat dudes with blades for hands and magma stomach?

edit: i just realized, you might be referring to kaisan, the eldritch scion (korvaak’s scion):

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I believe he means those tall, thin humanoid mages easily found in Astral Fields which remind me of King of Shadows from Neverwinter Nights 2:

Thank you res, those are the ones i’m looking for (not the King of Shadows tho) .
I would be very thankfull if anyone could post a good picture of these Korvaak’s Scion.

oh, you mean those korvaak dredges. they might be the eldritch infused wraith form of fallen korvaak cultists. or they’re just korvaak’s artificial eldritch minions like the gargoyles.

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I just played the game a bit to get a close up on the enemies.
And they’re either Korvaak’s servant or Scion, i really like the design
but i can’t find it in the GD viewer.

there’s one picture of korvaak’s drudges/servants/scions in gd misadventures.
but their appearance are dulled and looked unfinished.



Thanks Maska, great pics with details.