Need recommendation about Acid purge build

I was thinking of Acid purge build. So, I think I would go Occultist as a main class but I can’t decide which one should be sub-class between Nightblade and Oathkeeper.

Your recommendation and opinion would help me a lot.

Thank you in advance.

I think the only build that makes a good use out of this skill is Radaggan Deceiver/Cabalist

Now I see. That make more sense.

I would suggest Dark One Sentinel, if you can sustain the energy cost. Occultist have physical resistance and OK have Ascension. So it will be decent defensively.

But like Stupid dragon pointed, Deciever with Raddagan set can work probably. Inquisitor seal is usually very good in channeling builds.

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I think Dreeg Set can do ok, as well. you can get 100% vit->acid convert (Sigil, purge, Bat) with belt and decent energy regen. So Sentinel can work.

Also, a bunch of non-set acid items were tweaked in last update. Maybe something there.

Edit: you could possibly make the gimmicky Fewmets work for this: Dreeg Acid Purge Fewet gimmicky build
Fewmet off-hand is a spirit-pig, though, like most caster off-hands.

I’ve never tried fewmet off-hand, but maybe 80% resist to life-reduction makes an impact? :man_shrugging:
Energy will be an issue for dedicated purge-spam, though.

Thank your guidance that help a lot.

I’ll have a look. Thank you for your guidance.

@Nery is correct, Inquisitor seal is the way to go~
Acid Purge Paladin FTW!
Simply devastating~

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Acid Purge Paladin, that’s interesting role play :smiley:

But since that component skill was added AdctH it have more uses and you can even put it on non-acid or vitality build with conversion.

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