Need some advice on Blademaster build

Hello- recently I found a Stonefist Rebuke
and I wanted to make something work at lvl 50 or so for a Blademaster. I am having a bit of trouble deciding what skills might work in either the Soldier or Nightblade Tree the best.

Can anyone link me a proposed build that best fits Internal Trauma…or maybe even just physical… I am hoping Trauma might be a viable way to go, but really unsure on skill choices.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Stonefist rebuke isn’t very good for a blademaster build. Blademaster does far more dps with a DW setup, heck, I’d even run 1h + shield before going with a 2h.

My first purple drop was Stonefist, and it was fun on my 2h melee Commando. Talk about a huge dps upgrade… I’d say that it’s probably best for a Warder though.

As far as getting Internal Trauma for your build, Oleron’s Rage is pretty good for that, plus all the other bonuses that it gives you. Also blade arc without the modifier.