Need some help for my battlemage

Hello guys, i am new here and first, English is not my language so please patient and forgive me for my terrible grammar.

I will try to show my ideal shortly and clearly as much as i can so all of you can easy to understand what i want to say.

Ok, i want to build a battlemage but i have not decided yet how my character should be. First i want my battlemage can live well in ultimate and clear pack of monsters easily. Second i want him can deal some (or much) elemental damage beside of physical damage if it possible.

I have some plan on my mind already and i hope all of you can give me some advice or recomment as much and detail as possible so i can choose and complete my character.

Here we are:
1/ verson A:
This is my mystic knight, i want him can deal heavy elemental damage and punish who dare fight back. He have some CC and regen ability, i wonder myself that he can live well in ultimate.
2/ verson B:
Nothing much to say. Like verson A but with more survival ability.
3/ verson C:
My winter soldier :smiley: his attack can make enemy turn into ice and he had some good ability to regen and increase armor.
4/ verson D:
Last but not least, my traditional battle mage. He have most survival ability. I think he can survive no problem in ultimate but i not sure that he can deal enough damage.

Well, that is all my thought. Please share with me what you think about that. What verson is the best, what skill should be remove or replace, what else should additional, … . Ah, and i really hope you guys tell me what you think about my devotion system.

Thanks for your reading.

anybody here?

Nobody wanna help me?

I’m here, and want to help you, but I never got to ultimate yet. I’ve wiped my char every build before 1.0, so that’s the factor. My build is something along those lines. Heavily defensive, offense is mainly from Cadence & Weapon procs, and it’s low. As I equip gear with +1 skills patterns will change, I’ll took points from some skills and put them into others. For example, I’ll take points from Overguard when my shield recovery will start to go beyond 100% with it on. Devotions are mainly defensive, and alleviating difficulty resist reduction. Resist reduction to enemies comes from mark of dreeg + plaguebearer pistol on the second weapon set. Or I also have this, if I want to sacrifice my head slot, and save me weapon switching. Oleron’s blood in weapon, serrated shell in shield = two more highly damaging active skills, one from Oleron’s is also defensive (-20% target damage). Physique and Spirit are in the point when they satisfy highest possible armor & jewelry requirements (-10% req. Ph from devotion considered in math). Rest in Cunning. Again, based on gear that I will get, and overall performance, I will switch my skill points here and there, but mainly it will be like this. Devotion-wise turtle may be switched for tower (solemn watcher) later in game, I’m still thinking on that. Depends on with how much max health I will end up. I’m pretty sure I want to keep the others, though.

I say — play with you build ideas, see how it goes. Since they all go no further than 15 points into arcanist you can switch skills no prob if you find something lacking. Only thing I see about the builds is that some of them are kinda boring, having little active skills, but hey, maybe you like it that way, or want your actives to be on gear! Also all of them have no resist reduction skills, but then again, maybe you count on gear (like me, heh).

Good luck!