Need some help for my bleeding trickster

Hello everyone,

i’m new to this forum and the first thing i want to say is that my english could suck a bit, i’m from germany… so… :smiley:

Have my lvl 85 trickster right now and want to start farming legendaries on ultimate. Seems difficult. I feel very squishy and switched here and there some devotion points.

Switched from Mogdrogen’s wolf, fox and hawk to more defensive devotions to get heal and some resistances. I don’t really see an effort.

Did with previous devotion constellation around 50k - 60k dot’s and now 20k - 30k but feeling same squshy.

Don’t really know how to get all resistances by not removing others (components/augments).

Please help me for wrecking ultimate :slight_smile:

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Edit: Couldn’t insert link of grim calc and my char image. Need 3 posts

Sorry for spam but there we go:
grim calc

You are squishy, because your resists are horrible and you only have 2 points in wendigo totem.

Don’t use legendaries just to use legendaries. Your chest piece gives some pierce res and a pierce/bleed proc. I don’t play bleed builds so not sure how much damage the bleed is really doing here, but overall it doesn’t offer you much.

Your gloves, boots, and pants literally offer you nothing. No health, no resists, no boosts to relevant damage types. Ditch all these for yellow/green pieces with good resists then max out wendigo totem. I don’t play bleed trickster so I won’t comment on the build/devotions. Put components on everything (your gloves have nothing) and makes sure everything has an augment too. Modrogen’s Sanctity revered rover ring augment is a good starting point elemental resists are universally useful and yours suck. Also I think your amulet is the unseeing eye nightblade piece? Going off the top of my head, but I think it just offers some pierce damage and attack speed, should probably ditch that too unless I am remembering the item wrong

I’m not good enough to recognize gear just from the pictures yet…for the most part…besides the shoulder piece… Which is decent, vileblood is much better. Oh, and I recognize the wolf crest too, which is good. So not really sure how to help you there past the great information TomoDak has already provided.

I haven’t played a bleeding trickster either, but do have a bleeding warder (who aren’t as good at bleeding) and am close to 200k with my dots. So your dot’s sound really low! Take a look at this thread:

He focused more on just trying to get the highest dot he could and is a little squish, but should give you some good ideas. It helped me a ton and I was applying the information to a different class…

Most things have been said, but I’d also recommend putting a single point into Blade barrier, it’s a great “oh sh*t” button when your health suddenly plummets down, by the time the duration wears off your enemies are likely dead from the DoTs.

Thank you for those tips. But I would appreciate it if someone could check my devotions. Maybe go for Mogdrogen the Wolf or Oleron if the resistances are all at 70+?


What you can change are pants, chest, boots and maybe one or two rings. Look for items with best resist, don’t care if they’re yellow. Want to see what my trickster is wearing

Emp legplates of valor are an easy pick instead of my pants, divinesteel hauberk is an armor piece with decent resist. Both of these are heavy armor with something like 980 physique requirement, but emp bloodbathed links together with emp rhowari greaves can get you there.

Also, why won’t you use scaled hides for armor? If you replace crap legendaries with more useful items you won’t need those antivenom salves etc

Oh wow, nice items that will boost my resistances. Could you link me your build + devotions maybe?

Its the same Violence from can we make them bleed thread, with minor changes

I was getting somewhat out of touch here not playing this game, I see people reporting 400K dots here while I’m only at 220. I guess these are going full offense and doing something I do not, like maxed SS, transmuted blade arc, or just conjurer class.

Do you think that Mogdrogen the wolf is “better” than oleron devotion?

Mogdrogen will offer more bleed damage and single target dps. Also a few more resists. Oleron will give you much better AOE though and a few other damage sources. Getting the order needed for Oleron might make make you a bit more tanky as well. So it ins’t just Mogdrogen vs Oleron…you should also factor in the routes.

I debated between the two myself for my bleeding warder. As a two hander, I had to also take Kraken so my choices were a little more limited as far as routes to obtain one or the other. I make a list of each node and added them up. I would recommend the same as if you want to understand all of the pros and cons with picking one over the other… you know what your’e trying to with your build more so then anyone here, so if you and see the differences it may help you make your decision for you…

Since i’m not playing for so long (my first 85) i ask you what is more important in end-game? Single target dps or more AoE Damage for faster pack clearing?

Even with similar builds, everyones play style, reactions, whatever are different so there isnt always a universal “best” way to do things. That is why i suggested the list so you can understand what your doing with the devotions… the whole give a man a fish and feed him for a night, teach him how to fish and feed him for a lifetime thing…

So which path is better depends on your build as a whole, if your lacking one or the otber, then picking up the one your missing will help more. Generally speaking, single target will help you more if you are farming nemesis and big bosses, aoe will help more, as you said, with clear speed and farming heroes quicker. You can always respec your devotions. You can always try one, then spec the other to see how each performs for your play style/build. Then spec which one you like better.

Oleron has a lot of physical and internal trauma damage, so for a trickerster that has little physical as it is mostly converted to piercing and virtually no internal trauma, Oleron helps less then having the increased bleed damage. Where as a chartacter like a warder has a lot of physical and internal trauma so Oleron is definitely much better. So for trickerster it really comes down to your other skills and your need for aoe…

Another thing to keep in mind is that the only bleeding support on Oleron is the proc. Granted, it is a very strong bleed–leveling a BM atm that has +250% bleed and at level 4 the Oleron bleeding proc is 1400 over 2 seconds. However, the proc only occurs on crit and Trickster does not have as easy a time stacking OA as other class combos do. So if you are not geared well and have mediocre OA, the proc might not help you when you need it most vs nemesis and other end game boss types.

Thank you for those tips. I will spec into Mogdrogen the wolf. Last question I have is where do you farm your specific items? Are there any Heroes that drop only certain items for certain builds?

Almost all legendary and epics are random drops. nemesis have the best chance to drop them. Some monsters do have rare (green items) that drop called monster infrequent items. They also come with random prefixes/suffixes so getting a drop with useful prefix/suffix can be difficult. Cronley drops a nice ring that has a base pierce resistance, attack speed and bleed damage. Farming ring is also a good way to stock dynamite (great for farming treasure troves) and build rep for Fab…Gollus in the hidden area in the royal hive drops a nice HP/HP regen ring which is good for general use. Treasure troves are a good source of rare crafting mats (best to farm them on ultimate) which can be turned in to a blacksmith in Tyrant’s hold for legendary items. The item you get is still random, but you can at least narrow it down to a type, like weapon, armor, accessory. Weapons are actually broken down to melee/caster/range as well.

I’m not sure if there is another monster infrequent that would be good for trickersts…there are a number of MI’s out there…they get recently get a buff, but are mostly still underwhelming…

Hey Mammothhunter. Are you still using the build in post #10?

I’m checking it out now on my trickster (lvl 60). Prefer it over the builds With more pets tbh.

my trickster in town with self buff

I don’t like playing char too squishy, I think the best way to make a Nightblade+Shaman, two squishy class harder, is focus in armor and DA

that will help you a lot, as a DOT damage output playstyle, you don’t need to facetank something “Forever”, just need to tank about 2~3 sec and you can runaway.

my gear and gimcalc is in the description

you can cap your resis by using rare rings and legs

with Augments and components won’t be too hard

can drop some bleed and pierce resis if you feel hard to cap them.

and don’t have to worry about AOE the trash mobs,rend and falcon will melt them very quickly.

you can use other offensive amulet, devotion if you don’t play the crucible

Where did you/he farm those pieces? friggin awesome for crucible lol!