Need Some Help With a Panetti's Sorc

What it’ll look like in the end: will change the medal when a better one drops :stuck_out_tongue: And redo devotions if need be, once I get some reset pots.

Do currently have points in flashbang, but with the Myth. Invoker set I think I don’t need flashbang any more to increase crits. Using Devastation as the nuke obs, because Grenado is way too points hungry to serve that role. With Starpact taken to increase up time on various skills.

The main issue - it’s a total glass cannon reliant on getting the drop on enemies to stay alive and could also do with stacking more OA for that extra crit based goodness. And so get’s yeeted by beefy cthonian boys occasionally and runs away regularly. Not though helped by the relative lack of items giving panetti sorcs build.

I don’t know how to best go about defense on such a build (health regen, more cooldown from Hourglass / the relic that lowers cooldowns?) but about offense…

I cannot find a good source of X Reduced Target’s Resistances in your build
(don’t mistake it with % X Reduced (Elemental) Target’s Resistances)
Adding Elemental Storm, even over some current devos you have, would be a great boost.

Also I’m not sure about not maxing Proliferation over i.e. Devastation.
And maybe +1 Arcanist belt over +1 Demo belt?

True, only have flat 5 reduced all resistance from the 2 points in the last node of Blackwater Cocktail, though so far I haven’t had much issues with resistances in ultimate as I’ve got 68% reduction to them from Thermite Mines and Hand of Ultos + Invoker’s Fury. Now if I were going for super bosses, I’d totally go for Elemental Storm and more points in Mirror.

As for the belt - Needed the points, since I’m a bit starved for points for Demo mastery to get what’s needed and there’s no nice +1 belt for both masteries (because Zantani doesn’t like Panetti’s Sorc’s :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Panetti’s skill line wise - the plan with this was always to focus on that skill, not Devastation or anything else as the main source of damage.

Anyhow, rework: Will definitely shift to Serenity, because it gives me way more points to play with and allows for softcapping the last node of BC to get 26 flat reduction to all resistances.

Stuck in the stash clearing mines though at the moment, so can’t fluff around with this build currently to test things or pick up the final skill points :confused: At least there’s only 2 mules left to get Forgotten Gods started and thus be able to have the full stash open.