Need some help with A physical EOR Warlord with shield please!

hello , im having a little trouble with this build that im desperately trying to make it work to endgame , first of all i wanna focus on running EOR and overguard to have 100% block chance and then try to go for 100% block recovery time (i love being a unsoppable tank) and maybe warcry and thats it , dont want retaliation - maybe later - but for now i wanna focus on less buttons to press lazy build strong overall and procs from devotions .


so my devotion points are scattered everywhere and i tried to focus on physicals and shield and right now i dont know where i should go next or how to plan it cuz respeccing devotions is kinda painful and cost aether crystals so some help would be appreciated .

second is my eor being sucking alot of energy and dont know how to maintain a high enough energy regen through devotions or relics or idk what else to keep it as high .

and for leveling and the skill points ive put already i dont know if im going in the right direction or should i respec and distribute these points in another way .

and lastly thanks for your help and i really want to keep that char and build it up to be unstoppable or at least know where to go next in devotions and relics and such and i just want it as lazy as possible by just using 3 skills max EOR , overguard and warcry … and maybe ascension if u guys recommend :slight_smile:

Ectoplasms in your rings should help with that. An Arcane Spark in your medal isn’t a bad idea as well once you start getting a ton more investment into the base EoR skill.

I’d also recommend maxing Soulfire as it’s more damage at no increase to energy.

Similar to above, I’d say you’re going too defensive by picking Haven and not offensive enough by not putting any skill points into your main damage dealer being EoR. You shouldn’t need to worry about defensive skills if you’re playing Normal until you get to Elite, Veteran is a maybe but I’d wager is still manageable with minimal or no investment on Warlord.

I would prioritise getting points into Soulfire first, then EoR as far as your energy can take it over Safeguard, you can invest in the extra flat Physical damage it provides later down the line when you’re filling in the last bunch of skills you need to grab. Celestial Presence for the Physical RR is great is definitely worth grabbing early on so you’ve got that right.

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Another good for option for Energy for Physical builds in Scythe constellation as it fits well with the Physical part of the Devotion map.

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hello ,

as you can see im trying to go for 100% block chance and recovery time EOR physical
so far the dmg is good , dont care about killing time as long as im staying alive and my health is always near max (i love defensive playstyle)

so for now i have maximum devotion points , but dont know which last tier to choose or if i sould respeccing … im kinda lost here and also im open to any suggestions to make this work.

p.s : i want this build to be as tanky as possible and also no piano setup (3 buttons to press max) if possible and thank u :slight_smile:

edit 1 : also not trying to go for retal … just the blocks and spins and passive procs from devotions and skills are all i need if thats achievable anyhow :slight_smile:

I take it you plan to get some items to convert elemental damage to physical. You should also get some Life Steal (aka Attack Damage converted to Health) - e.g.: Restless Remains

  1. 3 of 4 T3s - if you prefer you can replace any T3-constellation (and one point from the remaining other two) with Empyrion’s Light.
  2. Oleron - one free devotion point is in Scales; if you do not use a mace, move points from Rhowan’s Scepter to Typhos.
  3. Ulzuin’s Torch - could not decide where to put the last point.

I cannot say which one is better. The last one has better OA (what you need), but the lowest physical resistance and no Reflected Damage Reduction (I heard that is important, if you have a lot of Trauma damage). The second one has the most damage bonus. And I like that it uses the T1 and T2 on-block constellations.

Didn’t you ask this already? Need some help with A physical EOR build please!

Yes, one thread per char sound reasonable. Then people who replied before will find updates and your follow-up questions easier.

To push your Offensive Ability (OA) I recommend to put more points in Presence of Virtue. That also helps with energy regeneration. Later you can consider to swap Divine Mandate for Oleron’s Rage.

I’d also put one point in each of Soldier’s bottom row passives at this point. And maybe one in Safeguard (as a reminder for later). And Rebuke has the aforementioned Reflected Damage Reduction, which you will need later.

thanks for your reply , appreciated :slight_smile:
for devotions actually i mssed them up now (hopefully not)
here is my update and so for now i cant respec - not enough aether crystals - but i went for healing rain to more surviveability through health regen , so im trying to follow what you said but its kinda overwhelming for me at this point , dont know which to swap for what without messing up things so im gonna stick with what i have for now till i get enough aether crystals to respec and then follow a better devotion guid for my build .

sorry about that i kinda missed the old post so thanks for bringing it back up

yes scythe helped me greatly , but i respecced now for better dmg and heals and so i ran into energy problems again , but not like before i have used components and augments to help a bit

the arcane spark is kinda useless or i cant get it to work properly idk , i have maxed soulfire and near maxed eor and the dmg is pretty good but the energy consuming is a bit of a problem also the spirit requirements , i had to use to +spirit components to help with that , im guessing i need to respec all my devotions to have better energy sustain and resistances …

Right now you have 26% weapon damage on EoR meaning you’re only getting about a quarter of the full effect per enemy hit which is low. It’ll get better as you get more skill points in EoR and are able to overcap it for higher amounts of weapon damage.

You’re gonna want to either fit Harvestman’s Scythe or Bard’s Harp into your devotion somewhere to manage energy as it won’t get any easier going forward.

true , but also i have around 900+ physical dmg modifier , doesnt it count ?

yea and also though of crane for -10% spirit requirement , if that will help

Arcane Spark’s flat energy leech is only applied by % weapon damage and the full effect only scales up to 100% weapon damage (e.g. 50% weapon damage = 50% of the effect). Actual damage dealt has no impact.

That reduces the requirement for Spirit to equip rings, amulets and some caster headguards/chestguards/weapons. It won’t solve your energy crisis whether you do have it or not. You need some way of actively restoring energy in decent or large amounts like the above.

understood , thats why its effect was unnoticeable … thank you

yes i understand but i meant for jewlery as im also having this issue where i cant euip them due to low spirit .
and for my energy sustaining problem i need to focus on energy regen % , am i right ?

And +x energy regenerated as well yes. Completely forgot earlier but Presence of Virtue in Oathkeeper also provides a chunk of it with investment as well.

alright , ill respect and go for max POV and try to work through devotions later to get harp or scythe

also are ulo and tree of life worth having for my build ? and if not what else should i go for ? im just trying to sustain surviveability so i went for this on grim calc … was going for harp to sustain energy as well but u guys mentions POV is good enough for that so i went for maul for hp conversion … ur suggestions are welcomed and if someone can respec the devotion tree to suite my build and ill just follow will be much appreciated :slight_smile:

its just for devotions