Need some help with character build

hi guys,

so i reached lvl 100 with my first character, a mage hunter built around aether damage AAR.
its a nice build and can handle most of ultimate difficulty content but its not powerful enough, so i looked at the build compendium and found a cold damage AAR build and i want to transition to it.
problem is im not strong enough to farm all the items i need, for example the ravager’s dreadgaze helm.
how do i continue from here?

thx for your help

Main ingredient for Cold ray are Arcanist Conduit or Stormseer you need to run through Morgoneth dungeon to buy the conduit recipe and reset it if the npc didn’t sell the conduit recipe, alternatively the Stormseer are a blueprint or random drop, so you need to pray to RNGesus for it.

You can also start by searching item that convert aether to cold by at least 60% as level 12 Star Pact already convert 40%, this Night Herald if you’re lucky is enough to convert most of your aether damage to cold, also note that if you lucky enough to get the 54% conversion from that weapon, you only need to reach Star Pact to level 15 to get the rest 46% and that weapon already give you +2 to that skill. You need to search another fire and lightning converted to cold item if you want more pure cold damage but this kind of item mostly come in Epic, so RNGesus is also your savior in there.

The Ravager helm mostly there for the +1 all skill, cheap and no effort replacement are fettan mask which is near the maw in Korvan Sands rift.

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can the conduit recipe be found at the vendor in Elite difficulty or only on ultimate?
also, im looking at this build and i cant find these pants with those stats… was it removed from the game or what?
also what rings do you recommend instead of the anubar? i heard they are very hard to find…

Never bother doing Morgoneth dungeon on normal or elite so I don’t know. To get those pants you need to be at nemesis with Aetherial Vanguard faction and farm Aleksander