Need Some Help With Crucible

Finally got to Shard 75 in SR yesterday, so decided to go through The Crucible today to see how well my build handled and well I kept dying after level 150 >_< Probably due to a lack of practice and knowledge.

The build is here: [] Nidalla's Bastard - Melee WPS/SS WH [1.6] - Now With 4/6 Celestials, SR75+, Crucible Soon™ And just noticed a bloody over investment in NJE so fix that later…

Doesn’t help my fps drops due to my ancient CPU, but usually I managed all right in the massive waves in early levels and SR . And using Murmur Kiss I can escape from many enemies and DoT AOE pools.

Anyhow, finally hit the nemesis wave at 160 and managed to get most of the nemesi down to 50% or bellow health when I over committed and got ganked by Reaper. At least there weren’t two Reapers like one have I had in the 50’s lawl. Didn’t help either I’d run out of tributes for more stuff >_<

So any suggestions for tweaks or video guides to watch would be great. Already thinking I need probably Golemborne Boots for 150-170 just due to the physical resist and proc. Really wish there were some rings that had acid RR procs though, as I only have 75% RR and 20-28 RR in this build which isn’t enough for Zantarin and other acid resistant bosses.


Oh yeah, before I forget again, Guardian’s Gaze gives me stupidly good survival in crowds I’ve found. But it requires large numbers of summons to be truly effective at keeping me alive… Also using cursed tincture pots heavily to reduce enemy acid resistance.

And yes, I am reading this: Piloting specs in the crucible - With a focus on 150-170 runs

This look similar

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The GT for that build: Witch Hunter, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

And yeah, it seems the extra RR they get from the Venomblade set is really helping with clears + the blessings and defences.

Guess I need to run 100-150 naked to farm tributes and try again :stuck_out_tongue:

Build is not so great. You die probably because damage is low. 14k wpn dmg on an acid melee witch hunter is low. 20-25k is the norm. With 200% attack speed, not 175%.

Best complete Venomblade set and put ABB on your attack.

Nah, it’s not that bad actually, can kill the dummy in under a minute and clear 100-150 in the Crucible in time with only Ulo and an ointment and get SR70-75 with few pharma pots within time. Which is pretty decent for a build I muddled together :stuck_out_tongue:

Lost some trash clearance though by taking points out of Wasting of Black Plague, but now I kill the Mad Queen by face-tanking her with out Bloodthirster being on O_O Probably because I’m doing more RR and so hitting her harder and getting more life back in the process.

Revised build as it current is:

Got to rebuild my money stash (got eaten my transmuting the last bit for the Dunefiend set) before I’ll hit Crucible again to farm tributes + have to cook tomorrow etc, so wont be able to test it out fully until Wednesday.

Anyhow - didn’t want to do get another Venomblade Pact set build using ABB, rather a WPS based one and so far it does the job well enough. As for the lower than usual weapon damage - it’s dropped due to taking points out of Lethal Assault and thus there’s less flat acid and cold damage :confused:

I can bring it back up though: But at cost of points in WPS and Circle of Slaughter.

I pulled from CoS mainly, put it in Solael’s Witchfire, used better gloves component to increase AS to 193%: Witch Hunter, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

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Just saying, acid melee does that 4 times faster. Build isn’t good.

Wasting got zero dmg for you. It generally got negligible dmg. And in your case, you don’t even have any vitality conversion. Wasting is for oa shred. That you don’t need, either. Drop the whole Pox, it’s a waste of frames during which you can attack. One point Blade Spirits for procs.

here fixed for you real quick so not optimized Witch Hunter, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator could also take Pestilence of Dreeg amulet for chaos to acid and extra rr, and consider Venomtongue Mantle for the same reason.


Except the Venomblade helm gives BP 10% acid RR and spreads itself and I usually apply it when I’m applying CoF to debuff enemies. Add in the it procs Guardian’s Gaze very reliably, which in SR, Crucible mob phases, monster totem farming and rouge-like dungeon’s challenge rooms gives it another AoE source. Add in the health back from the proc and it works pretty damn well for survivability when there’s tons of enemies.

Not looking to make a “good” build, rather a “good enough” build and so far, aside from not managing CR 150-170 yet, which is more down to my lack of experience with it, it’s hitting those metrics to the extent I’m pleased with. Also there’s plenty of Venomblade ABB builds and I wanted to do something different.

Anyhow, thanks once again for the advice and criticism, even if it’s trying push me to make yet another ABB build, it’ll help.

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Hmmmn, might work, but it needs points in Lethal Assault to push damage up: Witch Hunter, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator Traded points in WPS for LA.

I missed that. One point Pox one point Wasting then. Sorry.

Then it seems to me you’re missing the point of your own build. You want autoattack, not ABB spam or a hybrid thereof. So why put a 7/16 ABB on autoattack? You’re wasting frames on an inferior dmg source every 1.5s. Same with SS. Max NJE for what, 6/16 SS and 6/12 Nightfall? You’re gimping your autoattack dmg with unnecessarily thick piano, adding to already serious piano from occultist. This kinda builds revolve around autoattack and as little interruptions as possible. And you need that multipliers from an aa replacer. Since witch hunter has none, you’re left with Beronath Strikes. It’s crap but it will still multiply your wpn damage by x1.24 and x1.1. You “must” use it.

And those rings… zero need for them in my opinion, da is overkill, so is oa with such low crit dmg, no need for flar rr with Manticore, dmg redux is in Yugol. Any acid rings with flat acid and attack speed are better.

The point of max NJE is to give me the ability with this build to hit and run and using 6/12 for Nightfall helps to heal me and does AoE damage as well that in theory helps to get Tainted Erupting to proc and there’s only 1 skill point in to.

As for Beronath’s Strikes - I’d have to drop something to fit in it, since the 2 free bits on the skill bar are taken up aether clusters and Curse Tincture. Sure I could drop RoS and replace with Blade Spirit, but due to the medal it’s rather effective at mowing stuff down and proccing Manticore due to the high acid damage it has. And by just using ABB constantly I don’t need to recognise when LA stops and refresh it.

Rings wise - I am thinking of changing them, though the survivability they give + the flat RR even when they don’t proc helps somewhat and there’s nothing outside GD Stashing a MI ring to cover the resistances.

Anyhows, here’s the theoretical build via your criticism: Witch Hunter, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

Looses some resistances and OA and health though.

Hmmmn, the other one I’ll try is this: Witch Hunter, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator


Yeap, not quite awake enough for Crucible (SS’d into Zantarin’s multi-missile attack, derp), but Prismatic Diamond definitely works out super well as the head component. Can chew through enemies more effectively too even when the poisonous mutator pops up. Just got to remember to hit my GFTO button and Blade Barrier when I need to to. And also facetank the Mad Queen without activating Bloodthirster.

But I’m getting better at learning the Crucible with only 2 pots (freeze and ointment) and it looks like 50-150 is the sweet spot for farming tributes and getting plenty of sweet, sweet looooot.

Though since I’m running out of Eldritch Essence it’s back to farming SR 75-76.

Yeap, Prismatic Diamond definitely helped me in SR, just ran SR75-76 and didn’t die and finished well in time. Though Kaisan in SR76-3 just about killed me 3 times, but was a push over in the boss room for SR75 in comparison. But that’s mutators for you lawl. Still fell in the end to NJE injecting him with tons of poison while I waited for my health healing skills.

Zantarian now falls pretty easily provide you miss his shotgun attack and use a -RR% pot.

And lawl, I only got 1 Eldritch Essence dropping too >_< Because I farmed SR for Eldritch Essences, not gear… So damn thee RNG, damn thee. Even though the loot was pretty good this time.

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Almost managed a nearly naked 50-150 run, died on the final nemei wave of 150 due to getting Benn’Jhar pinning me in place while Fabus and Iron Maiden pummelled me to death while stuff was on cooldown lawl.

I think Golemborne boots might just be mandatory for 100+ on this build too when running Crucible. Especially as the Wasp Queen’s are weirdly the biggest threat I face before 140+ due to their high chance to crit me.

And finally did it!

The build for Crucible 100+: Witch Hunter, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

Teh evidence:

Used all resistance pots just to give me some wriggle room. Only did it once because I’ve got stuff to do today, but Golemborne proc kept me alive very nicely. Also I now recognise that the stormcaller beacons are ever so helpful at dealing with spawns.

Oh and it was also complete chaos once I hit 151 :3 Seriously, if not for getting a decent night’s sleep I would have hit the wall sensory overload wise and lost what the fluff was happening. Wave 170 was complete seat of the pants too, since I had Alexander and Reaper of the Lost spawn. But once I got the nemesi spread out a bit and popped bloodthirster done they went. Nearly died at one point though, as heals + BB were on call down O_O

And the run was from 50, brought the Stormcallers and then upgraded them as I got the points because I wasn’t sure how to use GD Stash to get the game to recognise I had more tribute points. So just farmed them right through to 150 and then brought the blessings.

Get more loot though for SR75-76 :stuck_out_tongue:

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But satisfaction from victory lies within Crucible.

Maybe, I get a pretty good feeling from dealing with SR75-76 without dying once and my main draw is those sweet, sweet double rare MI’s for builds :stuck_out_tongue:

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