Need some help

My build is something like this with acceptable numerical errors

With full skills toggled on my Weapon damage is around 8K-10K and 30K for Cadence

I miraculously beat both Loghorrean and Theodin Marcel by ramming them repeatedly with Blitz or slam them with Arbiter’s active skill the Gavel of Justice and running around them like an idiot until my skills were cooled down.

So I challenged the horror of my past that I can’t even beat them once in single player - the rogue like dungeons.

As Anasteria’s quest line dictated, First I set to the Steps of Torment then I get into Bastion of Chaos, both with no harder challenge than the end game boss.

Then I got stuck in Port Valbury. I rammed them bosses but none go down so I pause the game, Google(d) the thing out just to realized they’ll heal themselves ultimately unless I actually kill them fast enough.

Knowing I lack damage but I don’t want to sacrifice my defense for it is currently my problem.

Any suggestion?

could you give more indication of what you want to build?

You are using lightning weapon with aether/phys set+phys devotions. It;s quite all over the place and dmg should feel very bad

I want to go all physical and Trauma with 2-H weapon but I use all those gears mostly for resistances in fear of death.

I’m not even sure it could be called a build because it’s so random.

  • I think your biggest issue is, that you are using Cadence with Discord, when your Physical damage +%bonus is the highest.
  • You also have remarkably few points in Shaman’s mastery bar. You can probably move points from Veterancy into the bar.
  • Also is Arbiter the best relic you can craft at level 100?
  • Then I wonder, why you are using Krieg’s set as a Warder.

Well start by Changing the weapon to full phys, drop discord

Get mastery up to wendigo totem min. Drop WPS outside of feral hunger, max mog pact, use 3pc warborn+leviathan or stonefist rebuke

Thanks, I will drop Discord and reduce point from Veterancy for Shaman bar.

For physical related relics, I have blueprint for Aegis, Belgothian’s Carnage, Oleron’s Wrath, Plunderer’s Talisman, Reckoning

Currently aiming for Oleron’s Wrath but I don’t have blueprint for the required Zeal. If possible I would like to have Doom.

And why Krieg’s? I don’t have more reliable way to get the end game legendary gears (this is my first character to beat the game) so I farm for more guaranteed Krieg’s set in elite. It got somewhat high armor and resistances.

Edit : Plus, I’m quite unsure if I could stand enemy’s waves so you can see I dedicate a lot of skill points on AoE, also Krieg’s set’s skill clear em monsters nicely. I don’t even know if I did it right but I survived that way, bad habit die hard.

Zeal would actually be nice for you. If you can craft Aegis, I’d give it a try. Even Juggernaut should be better than Arbiter in your case.

I went over your devotion choices and replaced Scholar’s Light, Crane, Harpy, Owl and Messenger of War by Panther, Hawk, Dire Bear, Toad and Rhowan’s Scepter (requires a two-handed mace):

Edit: If you remove the point from the last star in Crab, then you can replace Panther by Assassin’s Blade (assign its power to Wendigo Totem or Grasping Vines). I think the resistance reduction will help you more than the extra Offensive Ability from Panther.

At first I don’t quite get it but it really boost my damage with my core resistances drop down slightly so I think I will have to change my gear to match that and Toad really help me boost my lacked Aether resistance, never looked into that.

Also I heard that WPS and Cadence don’t get well together but after you guys pointed out so I did a lil quick search which helping me understand that more.


Toad has Vitaliy resistance. The last star gives you some extra Aether damage. Anyway, good that this works for you.