Need suggestions for a build

I’m currently thinking of making an Acid/Poison DW Trickster that uses Briarthorn and a Blightshard amulet for pet support. I want to know if this is at least Challenger Crucible viable or if anyone could make it so.

Here is my tentative build - complete with skill, item and devotion config:

I know that Witch Hunter seems to be the easiest way when it comes to DW melee for Acid/Poison due to Vulnerability; and Conjurer, on the other hand, for pet support. But I already have a maxed Witch Hunter and Conjurer. I’m currently not interested in repeating classes which I’ve already made though. So now, I’m stuck with this idea that I brewed up.

Here are things I intend to stick with if I’ll ever make the character:

  1. Briarthorn
  2. Blightshard amulet
  3. Acid/Poison build (preferrably dual-wield and better if I could use the Venomblade set weapons)

Otherwise, I’ll probably scrap it.

Feel free to add suggestions for the rest of the build such as other equips, skill and devotion tweaks, or component and augment changes.

I have a feeling that the build is doomed to fail though lol. But it would be awesome if you guys could validate its viability or give suggestions to improve on it and make it work.

Thanks in advance for any feedback!

It is hard to put pet and dps build together. You should know those 2 style well enough.

So I recommend you to start with Full Pet Trickster and Venomblade Trickster first. After you do it well in both build. You’ll have enough knowledge to mix them together. You’ll know what is important you need to stick with and what is ok to ignore.

IMO, making Venomblade Trickster seems to be harder than Witchhunter. And Pet Trickster seems to be harder than Conjurer as well. So choose one and get it at best. then another one. Last, you’ll know how capable of the mix from both style.

First of all, thank you very much for the insights!

I forgot to mention that I have experience in:
Full pet play style (conjurer)
Acid/Poison dps (DEE warlock)
DW dps (Chaos/Vit witch hunter)

My predicament now is figuring out if it’s worth doing the build given my prior knowledge and planned setup. Also considering that I cannot fully devote everything to pet only or character dps only and I do not have the luxury of the occultist’s Vulnerability skill to reduce enemy poison resistance to benefit both (pet and character dps) aspects at the same time.

But maybe you are right. I should probably try experimenting hands on in-game instead of dwelling in theory.

I do appreciate the advice and will also check for other inputs.