Need tier 4 new buildings

Perhaps add a library, upgrade s hook to a university, fortified walls as opposed to stone walls. Fortified gates that Include a defensive aspect ( oil dump, porcullis) l, horse drawn carts upgrade from wagons, horse as a resource for the barn that must graze and is used to suplly the horse drawn carts. A Fait/fair. Winery + wine cellar! May e a slight revamp on time it takes to craft crossbows or heavy tools.

Really important!!

Ability to set a patrol route for guards! Or have them patrol a radius around the combat flag location.

Better market income.

Some of these could also be tier 5 Ideas

Also perhaos a way to assign some labourers specifically to waste pickup

Religion could give a buff acording to what is chosen with unique pro ) con and structures associated to it. (Maybe some made up) or pick from main religions associated w the time ( Catholicism, Judaism, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, Buddhism, pagan, etc)

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Crate already have plans to add a 5th tier of housing and I expect that will need some new buildings to help us reach the new desirabilty target for those.

And there are already compost yards in the game to pick up the waste your villagers make.


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