Need waystones higher than celestial..

As i said before forums hecatombe…if you stop playing at 100 level of shattered realms, you have to start at level 75 , playing all boring 25 levels again to reach 101 and forward.

Hours and hours lost , unable to save your progress.

Still doing from 75 to 80 only to get some loot …until something changes:eek:

I agree, +1.

Yup, +1.


Add a waystone that defaults to the highest shard you accomplished would be nice.

isn’t it in the works?

I have sent the same request before.
But you think how Zental replied?
He didn’t reply.:furious:

The devs don’t always reply to posts, but that doesn’t mean they don’t read them.

Please post the builds for which you required waystone to start directly on shard 100 and in the next patch you will not need it:D.

75 or maybe 80 waystone would be nice

Can confirm.


We already have 75 waystone :stuck_out_tongue:

I wish 75 to be accessible by default, since I don’t have much time to play.
80 then

You’re kinda annoying today.


But yeah, would be nice if we could save our progress every 5 - 10 shards.