Needed: Dual Wield Variant - Sword and Pistol

First thing’s first: Grim Dawn is undeniably awesome. You guys really have done right by the gaming community.

That said, imagine my shock when I discovered I couldn’t wield a pistol in one hand and a sword in the other!

I have some inkling of the technical hurdles in implementing such an idea but it would definitely open up the table to yet more play styles/builds. One such idea that I had was a soldier utilizing a sword and pistol in tandem with Blitz and Cadence w/Fighting form…

Blitz into the oncoming hoard, knocking down the front line of aetherial corruptions, quickly following with two slices on your floored opponents with your main hand sword building up your first two Cadence charges, and then unleashing the third in the form of a round fired from your offhand pistol that screams through their ranks (thanks to Fighting Form) obliterating the Beholders in back that thought themselves safe from your onslaught.

Or in an alternate scenario, quickly firing two rounds at a charging aetherial behemoth, again building up Cadence charges, and just as the monstrosity is close enough to bring it’s strength to bear, you rip through it’s torso with a devastating Cadence driven swing of your main hand blade…

And there’s more ideas where those came from.

If you haven’t considered it before, I’d implore you to do so now. If you have, perhaps then revisit the idea?

Some early, EARLY promotional art I linked above, but I have no doubt this will one day be a thing. I imagine it would have to be tied to its own class to be effective, so here’s hoping it comes in an expansion sometime down the road. Something along the lines of a Witch Hunter class maybe? Or Crate’s own take on an Inquisitor class? (I could easily get behind the idea of an Elemental Damage one-handed melee + pistol combo :rolleyes:)

Is that the Vigilante?


Some early, EARLY promotional art I linked above, but I have no doubt this will one day be a thing. I imagine it would have to be tied to its own class to be effective, so here’s hoping it comes in an expansion sometime down the road. [/QUOTE]

Interesting art work there. As far as needing a class of it’s own, I’m not so sure it really does as they could just tweak the currently existing code/classes/itemization to allow for it.

Now if I were to entertain the idea of another class I’d probably propose something along the lines of a “Tracker/Trapper”. Except this kind hunts more than just animals. I can easily see this utilizing a blade/pistol combo as well as physical, trauma, poison, bleeding and piercing damage types through the use of, well, traps, including stealthy defensive techniques, and maybe powerful 2H ranged abilities of the sniping variety?

Examples of class combos -
Nightblade + Tracker = Highwayman
Soldier + Tracker = Guerrilla

(still working on other combos lol)

I managed to do something very ugly with this concept in a mod. But that was quite difficult, I had to use the spear weapon set (with all the retro-compatibility it ensues with regular pistols), the targeting is a nightmare but doable if you use specific skill for each weapon, and of course there is no animation for it.

It’s possible it may exist one day, but the devs will have to do it.

Also, I chose to name my mastery ‘Pirate’. Just because !

Hybrid wield at range = pistol < rifle
Hybrid wield in melee = sword + pistol <= twohander

What would hybrid wield hypothetically accomplish that you couldn’t do better just by pressing W on a kraken build?

Quite honestly, i feel the aesthetic pleasure would be reason enough to run a pistol/sword combo over kraken two handers. Stats are cool and all, but sometimes to some people looking cool just takes priority…

Until you hit the wall that looking cool can’t climb because it doesn’t do what it needs to to survive. Then you leave a cool looking corpse on the ground/cool looking main menu avatar that never gets played. Massive change to game to look cool, doesn’t seem that necessary?

Unless you come from a lineage of pirates, I imagine your shock was zero. This is not a common thing in games, especially ARPGs.

If you could use your sword to block projectiles while shooting, this combo could have some use. But since we have weapon swap this is mostly useless, because pistol and shield would be better at range and sword and shield at melee.

Barring the obvious response of “perhaps the player isn’t interested in a Kraken build”

It would allow you to mix and match some skills as I mentioned in my example, saying nothing of whatever perks the dev’s could put in for such a play style and ability to also use certain combos of weapon components… IE using an Ammo component while still having a melee weapon equipped.

Somebody’s never played Guild Wars 2. Not to say I want GD to rip off the idea, but it was done remarkably well and it was very welcome considering it fits the archetype to a T.

As I understand it the leaked Vigilante texts made it sound like it was meant to be a DW ranged (dual pistols) class rather than sword & pistol.

This reminds me when Immortal throne art was produced and everyone was like
“finally staff/spear and sword wielding”

but it turned out to just be art.

Staff and sword… how would that even work?? :confused:

I like the idea, but as someone else pointed out I think it would need its own mastery with skills that utilized this weapon combination to be effective.

I’d love to see skills and gameplay that required you to play both at range and in melee to maximize your effectiveness.

Same as gun and sword…

I beg to differ if they’re both being utilized as actual melee weapons. That’d be awkward as ****

I take it you haven’t played Titan quest, tsktsktsk.

sword and orb is doable now and you can put ammo on a caster offhand. Just imagine that your pistol is cleverly concealed inside a large book =)