Needed - Wendigo Dungeon/Zone

At present, farming Wendigo spirits effectively involves either running around all of Gloomwald and Undenbog hunting down wendigo’s etc or you have to make enemies with Barrowholm to gain access to the dungeon under the town. So frankly we could really do with a rich in wendigo’s area, complete with purple named bosses.

Though perhaps the Ancient Grove (and it’s attached rouge-like dungeon) might have that, but if not, there’s a ton of potential locations for one, possibly tied into a quest for the Coven making use of a repaired bridge or tree/vines blasted out of the way an item only the Coven can provide.

Well technically speaking you can farm both Coven and Barrowholm rep in 2 zones, and while Barrowholm rep farming is slower in both areas i.e Ugdenbog and Gloomwald, it serves a dual purpose.

Furthermore, I believe the area north of the Barrowholm portal actually has a lot of Wendigos, so that’s a very viable area as well.