Negative enemy resistance question

I have a Deceiver that I’m leveling that revolves around stacking as much -Elemental resist as possible and wondered if anyone knows the formula for calculating enemy -resistances.

I have two possible gear set ups, one uses The Cataclysm set and has up to -104% Ele res with -32 from Elemental Storm and has slightly higher OA and 15% less crit damage. The second set up uses Heart of Malmouth for up to -114% Ele res (plus the -32 from ES) with slightly higher hp and DA.

So my question is what would be more effective -104% Ele res and higher crit dmg or the -114% Ele res and slightly less crit dmg?

Every percent under 0 increases the damage the enemy takes by 1%. So, if your enemy has -120 elemental resist, your damage is increased by 120%.

Good to know, thanks. Think I’ll stick with the increased crit dmg/OA then - an extra 12% damage increase doesn’t seem worth comapred to higher crits.

I am confused, can anyone break it down?

All this time I’ve been under the impression that an enemy with their resistances below 0% will take even more damage than if that resist above 0%. And it sure feels like it in practice. Like, negative resistances multiple damage even further,

I think it’s only username01’s explanation that made it seem like it’s not much. Most nemeses have 18% fire resist, so you deal 82% fire damage. If we consider OP’s example of 136% rr (104+32), then nemeses have 136-18 = -118% fire res, which equates to 218% fire damage dealt, around 2.7 times what you do without rr. Username01’s explanation is right. He just didn’t make it sound big.