Negative faction farming

hello there :slight_smile:

I made a topic earlier asking for some tips and i would like to thank for the person who helped me i got a good build now and killing more slowly but alot more buff and not reaching almost zero hp all the time.

But thats not my qeustion :slight_smile:

Im in Elitte atm nearing ikon fort and im in need of some reputation tips.

Whats the best spot to farm negative rep :)?
For all factions but i have most trouble with cronley gang :slight_smile:

As for positive rep only black legion and outcast go slowly but black legion will get there in ultimate :slight_smile:

PS: which faction do you think is easy to max out? i think homestead i already got it maxed :slight_smile:

Farming negative rep for Cronley’s Gang, Dealth’s Vigil and Kymon’s Chosen is really slow, even with warrants or a mandate. I wish they implemented a faster way to increase negative rep with those factions.

With Cronley’s Gang i do both mines, Four Hills and then the entire Darius Cronley dungeon. With Kymon and Death’s Vigil i do Fort Haron and then the Tomb of Archon Bartholleum.

Not sure why you have problem farming for Cronley rep, just farm Cronley’s Hideout. I farmed it for Dynamite before I went to Ultimate to dismantle epics and once I was done I went Ultimate and before I killed Cronley I got Nemesis.

The only actual faction that requires effort to get Nemesis is Order of Death’s Vigil/Kymon’s Chosen. And even for this you can just farm Fort Haron, you even get 2x Dynamite every run.

Black Legion is hard yes, the trick is not to do outcast quests or farm her, other than that try and get the extra rep bonus item before Ultimate and you’ll get a massive amount of rep even before you reach Fort Ikon. The bounties mostly suck though.

I found Rovers to be the easiest faction to get Revered to. Next was Homestead, then Kymon/Death’s Vigil and then Devil’s Crossing. If you’re farming for dynamite, do Devil’s Crossing bounties whenever you can.

mmm thanks for the tips :slight_smile:

Never thought to Redo the cronley gang now i now you can do that i will do that :slight_smile:

also what do you get for dismantling epics :)?

You can get Skeleton Keys, Ancient Hearts, Blood of Chthon and Tainted Brain Matter from dismantling epics/legendaries.

oh thanks ALOT i did not know that :slight_smile:

So dismantle epic and legendarys!
Rerun cronleys gang :)!
And fort haron for death vigil :slight_smile:

Im doing outcast by killing enemys :slight_smile: is that good :)?

i play arpgs ALOT but grim dawn got me baffeled with its complex nature and things:)

oh and what about places for aetherials?
And the death :)?

Devil’s Crossing, Rovers, and Homestead will get to Revered more or less on their own by the time you are done with Ultimate. The others you will need to do some bounties. It’s useful to farm all 6 up to Revered at the end of Elite in order to get the level 70 augments, which you will need to have good resists in Ultimate.

Undead, Chthonian, and Aetherial will get Nemesis without any real effort. Bounties all have a small infamy reward for some faction too. It’s faster if you get a bounty while you are farming infamy. Cronley bounties come from Devil’s Crossing. Kymon/Order bounties come from the opposite faction in Sorrow’s Bastion.

When farming Kymon/Order infamy, it’s fastest to get a bounty and then only clear Fort Haron. Then repeat. Doing the Tomb gets you less per time. (However, there are 2 bosses and a treasure trove in the tomb. So you may want to do that anyway.) Fort Haron also has 2 guaranteed dynamite, and sometimes a third.

thanks this helps alot :)!

i pretty much have every thing maxed atm resistance :slight_smile:
could i ask some tips to increase dps? im soldier +nightblade
More soldier skills with shield :slight_smile:

Also is it normal to almost always encounter monster in higher lvls?

The monsters will almost always be equal to your level or higher. That’s just the way scaling works in this game.

It’s hard to give DPS advice without seeing your specific build. Getting better gear is the thing that will help the most.

Can i do the grim calculator and save and post it here?

And getting better gear :slight_smile: i got pretty good gear mostly epic and leggys.
What gear is good for a soldier :)?

this is my build :slight_smile:

I got lots of skill boosters so its something like this :slight_smile:
Hope can someone help me :D!

Your build is not focused on anything. Your skills don’t work together. You get high DPS by focusing on one or two damage types, maximizing a skill, and getting gear that adds that type of damage.

If you want to pay 1H + Shield Blademaster then you almost certainly have to focus on physical damage. I will make a grimcalc for you.

It may be better if you just start a new character and follow a build.

Normally when you play 1H+Shield Blademaster you don’t max out Nightblade because you need so many points for shield skills. Your build is better suided for dual-wield or 2H probably. You also need to get damage/offense from your Devotions.

You can look at the Blademaster builds in the build compendium for examples.

You could try something like this:
This assumes +1 Nightblade and +4 Soldier skills from gear. It’s possible to get a fifth Soldier skill, in which case you take 1 pt out of everything and put them somewhere else. (The +skills are not included in the grimcalc.) The devotions are a suggestion and not set in stone. An alternate is in the “Last Blademaster” build that would let you keep Giant’s Blood, at the expense of giving up the -15% recovery chance from Shield Maiden.

Not perfect, but playable.

about the Warrants (and Mandates, too)…
When I give those to another character and use it on him even though he doesn’t have the appropriate faction listed yet, will it still count when I get the faction?

To clear it up:
I have a Mandate from the Order that I give my newly created character. With that character I right-click the Mandate although I don’t even know the Order yet. Will I still get the bonus reputation later when I discover the Order or should I only use the Mandate as soon as the Order is listed in my faction window?

Same question for Warrants (to have a link to this thread :stuck_out_tongue: )

Yes it counts

k thanks dekaron! :slight_smile:

I can tell you my experience thus far, not sayin its the best thing to do: Aetherials- warden, conflagration runs, Undead: Arkovian undercity runs, Cronley: Hideout runs, Kymon/Death vigil: Fort Haron runs, Outcast(if u decide to agro them): Run that dungeon where Anesteria was. As for rep farming, questing and infamy farm will bring you there with little effort. By as most players stated here, just play the game normally, you’ll do just fine.