i playing GD V1.1.3.0 since the patch never see a Nemesis spawn in the Game, is the spawnrate reduce since or bad Luck for me? I Run evry Game the Ancient Grove and i have here befor comes out after 2-3game a Nemesis spawn…same for the SoT

Spawnrate are don’t touched
Just some of nemesis got a way more spawn points then the others.
Like you are easily could find Fabuis but Chupa and Alex got a much more spawn places.

Did you checked all possible spawn points? Valdaran and Moosilauke spawned for me yesterday.

Also remember that some spawn in rogue dungeons and in case of Grava, he can spawn after Ekket’Zul. So you need to kill Ekket to check if Grava is in the area.

i know that the nemesis have different spawn points, but the ancient grove is my primary farming area and i have here befor patch after 2-3 games allways the Nemesis Beast Boss Yeti and yet no see him anymore

Kubacabra has 29 spawn locations, only 4 of which are in the Ancient Grove. It’s not that surprising you might go a while without seeing him there.

It’s 8 spawn points if the OP is farming Ancient Grove rogue dungeon (4 outside of it, 4 inside of it). That still leaves 21 spawn points unchecked though.