Nemesis bosses / Crucible - help

Hey, I’m new to the game and recently got my main to level 100.
Playing warlord spin to win build with decent gear but far from optimal.
Resistances are maxed out to a bit over 80.

I find it hard surviving some nemesis bosses on ultimate and Crucible Challenger wave 150.
There is a significant jump of incoming damage and I’m looking for tips to farm Crucible successfully.
Done Crucible Gladiator up to wave 100 but this char is not ready for much higher waves, that’s why I’m trying to focus on Crucible Challenger waves 130 - 150.
Am I doing something wrong?
Stacking resistances much higher than 80 can be done but at a cost of loosing damage and self healing (percentage of damage).

Any tips on surviving?

Your physical resistance is a little low to me.
There’s no shame in setting up defenses or blessings in Crucible. Buy as many as you need.
The first time I’ve beaten Gladiator was with 4 towers and 4 blessings - I don’t regret it one bit.

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Thanks Res, didn’t use blessings so far nor payed much attention to physical res.

The build - skills and devotion points, is taken from a guide by Nery:

I’m well aware my current gear is not optimal but most of the content is easy on ultimate.
Even in Crucible Challenger , up to wave 130 survival is not a problem.
However from that point on, survival becomes very hard on specific bosses.
Is this a balance issue in the game?
I’m not expecting to farm Crucible Gladiator wave 170 at this point but it feels like I’m missing something here.

For example, Father Kymon boss fight is challenging on ultimate even with 80% reduced stun duration and far over 80% fire res.
I guess it’s a combination of low life and low physical res.

For Mr. Kymon physical resistance helped. I had trouble with him too.
But don’t expect Crucible to become easy out of nowhere. It’s supposed to be difficult, requires practice and I like it this way. I had been in a similar spot to yours for a long time.
Keep trying various arenas and defenses. Some waves spawn random bosses, so there is luck to it too.

3 out of 4 tries I end up dead on wave 150 in Crucible Challenger.
Some bosses are harder than others for every build.
It seems like Crucible and SR is intended for end game with nearly perfect gear.

I guess at this point the best option is farming bosses and nemesis in ultimate campaign.

There’s a significant difficulty spike at Challenger 149-150. My warder can reach 149 trivially, but almost always dies on that wave (even with blessings), and the one time he survived he got killed by the nemeses on wave 150. On the other hand my tanky mace and shield commando can do Challenger 150 without too much trouble.

Your character appears to be in the same general family as my warder - 2-hander, relying on high hit points and life steal to stay alive. What you’re seeing is that the incoming damage overwhelms your ability to sustain.

For this specific character, presumably as you get better gear and boost your dps further, you’ll be able to kill things fast enough to beat Challenger 150. My warder has not reached that point so I can’t say from personal experience. :slight_smile: Other characters with more and different ways to negate damage may do better, such as my shield commando, or an arcanist build with Mirror, etc. If you happen to have some decent gear for different types of characters, that might be a productive approach.

Otherwise, farming skeleton key dungeons is not a bad way to spend your time. You have a guaranteed legendary after killing the boss, and there’s enough loot dropping that you’ll probably get a few more at random. And Aspirant 150 gives one legendary consistently, though that’s quite boring for a character who can almost but not quite do Challenger 150… For what it’s worth, when I do loot runs, I mostly take the warder to SoT or BoC; taking the commando through Crucible is more effective but slooow (relatively low dps as the price for her tankiness) and not nearly as fun as tearing up a dungeon with a high dps character. :slight_smile:

Hi Worblehat, thanks for your post.
Yeah it does feel more fun to smash enemies and bosses in the campaign, much more chilled.
Crucible can wait, struggling to push through wave 150 can be frustrating with current gear.

The game is fun, I like the story and the music… except for Devil’s Crossing piano :wink:
It’s best to do something enjoyable in game and hope for a lucky drop.

It’s good that you following my build, but Duskdeep? Come on! :rofl:

Also worth saying you’re building 2H and my char is dual wield. For 2H improvement right off the gate is Kraken devotion, which will really improve your toon, attack speed, damage and physical resistance. Also better use Seal of Might, if you have it.

Your build is lacking OA to crit and trigger Asssasin’s Mark and +skills. Relic slot should be upgraded by Oleron at first or other relic. Belt can be Udgenbog MI with +1 Soldier. Also amulet is not suitable for this build, something with OA and Soldier/Oathkeeper will be better, even if you lose some flat physical. Actually you’re prioritizing WD, which is great instinct for melee build but it shouldn’t be taken over core stats and EoR have low weapon damage compartment, so % damage and + skill ranks is more important. Also cunning boosts your physical damage, it’s the best attribute for this build.

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Hey Nery,
Sorry about that, yeah it’s your build I’m following mate :slight_smile:
Was following a build by Duskdeep86 for an alt (Lightning Pet Conjurer) and linked that one by mistake at first.

Thanks for the gearing up tips, I will look it up.
The 2-hander will be replaced, but it’s the best weapon that dropped so far for EoR build.
Don’t have access to all the blueprints yet - still working on it ^^

It’s good to know that with proper gear this build can be a beast and in the meanwhile it’s fun to play.
If there are enough enemies to hit, you can face tank almost anything.
Standing in the “fire” while regenerating health and energy feels good :smiley:

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Two Totally normal shields will probably be better because you attack much faster with them

Thanks for all the help so far, especially the in depth pointers by Nery!

Build update:
Got a few upgrades (no luck with additional warborn set items or a proper off hand for DW)
Using Kraken devotion (instead of Light of Empyrion)
Changed attributes to focus on cunning, after getting stats needed for gear
Offensive ability is much higher, especially with in-combat procs
EoR dps jumped to 360,000 with 5% life steal, that’s 20,000 healing per sec with +12% healing
All resistances are maxed out with at least +40% extra in Crucible Challenger.
Damage and life steal feel well balanced in ultimate gameplay, all non-super bosses and nemesis are manageable in ultimate campaign.
However, at wave 150 Crucible Challenger survival is still a problem.
When fighting nemesis bosses in Crucible, avoiding AoE and stunning melee attacks is a priority but the incoming damage is still very high.

What’s the recommended method of dealing with this?
Stacking defensive ability?
Increase life steal percent?

Weapon component can be changed to seal of blades for +5% life steal.
Gloves component can be changed to restless remains for +3% life steal.
This will increase total life steal to 13%, that’s 46k healing per sec with +12% healing.

It seems like a strange way to play - healing over twice character health per sec.
If that much healing is needed to survive then in case of a short stun it’s a sure death anyway.

life steal is also scaledwith amount of weapon damage and also I do not think soulfire damage is counted to life steal .

5% of attack damage converted to health from Scales of Ulcama devotion.
5% + 3% from the 2 components in my previous post, total 13% life steal listed in character sheet.

but you only have 50% weapon damage on EoR, so the life steal will be scaled down. And I do not think soulfire can account for life steal because the animation is seperate from the EoR.

also, most bosses have very high life leech resistance.

No idea why you are not using Menhir will and the last kraken node for some phys res. Change chest component to hallowed ground. Also try coven storm seal rings.

Thanks for the info Ulvar, added Menhir’s will and working on high rolls of coven rings :slight_smile:

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I’m fairly certain I got a double Reaper in Crucible 150 once, and I didn’t think that was possible. I kicked their asses, though, which made me appreciate how far the build I was testing had come. You’ll get there too!

another thing, crucible blessings can not give slow res (unless they have changed that) therefore consider mark of traveler in boots.

Skills you can remove some points from fightning spirit and make sure you have field command at an even point like 14/12 or 16/12 etc.

But sorry I think I made you confuse, yes you want much life steal :slight_smile: seal of blades and restless remain

I think people forget there are consumables in the game - all the overcapping resist potions, OA/DA boosts, Health and Aether cluster, these are your options on top of 4x buffs, which you should liberally use becuase you’d get those devotion tokens back with 3x run every time. There’s no such thing as too much prep for crucible because RNG might throw something unexpected in your face.

Priority targeting is also very much a thing - Anasteria should not live through more than 20 seconds as soon as she is out, avoid bosses with double phases being taken into next wave, kill all the debuffers/healers asap etc. If you run into Zantarin then you are in luck, because he only has his shotgun and move very slowly, always him last.