Nemesis can spawn in new areas, can't find Iron Maiden now

For the old time Nemeses (Fabius, Moose, Iron Maiden), I don’t remember the last time their spawn points updated. b29? Anyway, it’s been years. But I just found Fabius in the Arkovian Docks area, due north from the bridge. Anybody else seen a new spawn point?

Kaisan now appears in the Sunward Spire too.

Just found a 2nd fabius spawn point in Arkovian docks…think I’ll start looking there first for him now.

Again, this is due east of tyrants hold and north of the bridge at twin falls wp.

Moose spawns in the colosseum
I am wondering if Benn’Yahr spawns in the ch’thonian areas.

I’d forgotten that the Colosseum was in old Arkovia, I got chills all over again reading the lore then realizing at the end that it was right at the start of their curse.

glad to see the nemesis bosses have additional new areas to hide from the gd-stashed empowered takens :rofl:


huh? …

Your character ingame is known as the Taken. He’s referring to players who use GDStash to make items for their characters rather than finding them ingame.

I thought he typed “tokens” instead of “takens”…man I need to start getting more sleep.

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Does anybody know about new spawn points for Zantarin/Iron Maiden? I’ve gone through all previously known spawn points in 2 different game instances and been unable to find them.

That’s werid. If I recall correctly, no new areas with Chosen/Necromancers were added, so the spawn points for Maiden/Zantarin should be the same.

There aren’t new areas with Kymon’s Chosen/Death’s Vigil members, so Iron Maiden and Zantarin shouldn’t have new spawns.

That’s what I thought, perhaps I’m just missing them somehow. Will try again.

Knowing my terrible memory, I’m still working on getting nemesis on that character ofc… :slight_smile:

edit: yep, I was like 550 reputation short of nemesis with them.