Nemesis farming worth it?

So I farmed up nemesis status for Fabius over a few hours yesterday, and I’m not seeing the benefits. Takes 3 seconds to kill on Elite, and drops gear the same as any hero or boss mob. If I see his nemesis stash on my screen on Ultimate, I’m dead. I’d just go back to farming Cronley’s mine and Hive runs on Ultimate, because I was getting much better gear… but there’s about a 50% chance I’m going to get wiped off the map half way through the mine.

I was thinking about farming up nemesis for moosiepoo because he can’t go invisible, pop up out of nowhere, and one shot me, but if the gear isn’t that good, I’ll just find somewhere else to farm. Whats there general consensus in recent patches on nemesis farming?

It’s only worth it for the blueprints (and Fabius with his reduced loot isn’t particularly good for that either), especially when you are missing a lot of them. It becomes less effective to more you do it, sadly. Legendaries are better farmed in the crucible or in runs that have a high hero density.

Not worthy. They dont drop any item for end game builds

The hell are you talking about zitro

I’ve dropped several set legendaries and regular legendaries from them. The right thing to say is that the drop rate is low and most of the time i get endgame blueprints instead.

It is good for high-end blueprints - that are tricky to find otherwise. Other than that, don’t expect a higher drop rate than a normal boss.

If you can cope with them in a reasonable amount of time, go for it, otherwise you can skip them for now and only focus on heroes/bosses.

I usually include Hive, Dreeg’s guardian, Cronley, Warden and Arkovian Undercity runs in my farming routine - so that I have a decent chance to cross path with Moos, Fabius and Valdaran. I usually see one of them each session, sometimes several.

This^…And although they do have a higher drop rate than normal Bosses you need to take into account the time it takes to find them. cornley runs have the added advantage that you can Get Fabius on the way and you can also quickly check the Stauton mine spawn area north from the portal

I’ve farmed Fabius countless times and i can tell you that most of my legendary items come from trash mobs/heroes in BOC, cronley runs and other random places.

If you have Crucible, Farmig on Challenger 100-150 then twice 130-150 is reltively safe with a good build and rewarding (3-4 legendaries). Gret to build up your items and move on to higher dificuly

From my experience no, not worth the effort, the aggravating deaths. Same goesnto the diary quest not worh the effort for the eyeball suit. I have’t found a character that can touch mogdrogen so I’d say he is a waste of time too. Nor have I found a character I like to farm with once I beat on ultimate I’m pretty much ch done with the character and delete them. Going on my 4 build to see through to the end of ultimate, numerous characters deleted per builds, after only normal once I got bored with them in elite.

Hoping my duel pistols fire build holds my interest long enough to enjoy farming ultimate after beat upon waiting on expansion.