Nemesis gender

Hi fellow grim lovers. I am wondering about our not so lovely nemesis gender. Kindly appreciate your opinion.

I think the Iron Maiden is a she … and Aleksander is definitely male

Every Nemesis is male, except for Maiden, because they’re basically Crate members.

Also, Zantarin is undead and has no gender because it’s based on Zantai, who lost his soul and after he joined Crate (I mean, even if you took Zantarin’s pants off, there’d be literally nothing - it doesn’t even have boobs, duh!). Don’t tell Zantai, he might not like this and re-design Zantarin to have a huge dingo. :confused:

Kubacabra is asexual, he multiplies by bipartition.

Doesn’t Anasteria count as a female nemesis? I mean, the host at least is a woman.

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Since when is Anasteria a nemesis monster?

Well her and the cannibal puppy reach the nemesis status . So i think they can be considered nemesis.

Reaper is a boy, just look at his horn. :eek:

I have more than 1000 hours playing GD but I never reached Nemesis status with The Outcast. Correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t Anasteria become a Nemesis Boss once you max your infamy with her faction? That’s what I supposed.

She does not have her name in red colors :confused:

Press on the second “<any>” and choose “nemesis” to find out which monsters are nemesis monsters.

She is a nemesis with purple name.