Nemesis in Elite

Common sense tells me the Elite versions of Nemesis are a lot weaker than their Ultimate counterparts, but thus far I’ve been able to melt all of them I’ve come across relatively easy with my AAR Sorcerer whereas I was destroyed by that old asshat Loxmere.

I’m curious to know how much they are nerfed in Elite in comparison to Ultimate and if it’s a good indicator that killing them relatively easy in Elite is a good judge on the state of your character.

I did try Mogdrogen and I was insta-gibbed, so there’s that. But so far, I haven’t had much difficulty with this build and it seems to be going a lot better than my poison caster, even though at this point my poison caster was doing a hell of a lot more damage. Then again, my poison caster was made before Crate added Nemesis to Elite.

Loxmere melts you because he dispels all buffs and can spawn with various gear, unlike most of nemeses.

It didn’t help that a Flesh Hunk charged me from the opposite side the moment I heard his SS, so I wasn’t able to run away.

It’s odd that when I hear his SS, I expect to instantly die like when he was first introduced in B24(?) and would insta-gib even pure tanks from off-screen.

Thats the problem we all have with Loxmere, especially in hardcore mode.
It´s not just him, it is his surrounding, a lot of heavy hitters.
He debuffs and suprises you, all your defences are down, you try to run… and you are an easy meal for the rest.
The “solution”: dont run, trink potion or use an aether-cluster, stay and fight.
Strengthen your defenses again.

Know where he could be lurking, play slowly, clear everthing around him.

regards Arkon

In my experience, he always lurks in the same spot.
If you clear a path towards him, and lure him away from most of the other mobs, you can kite him back to a clear area and whoop his ass.
He is not that tough on his own.

Loxmere is only dangerous of you run as he will use the same combo again, if you stay and fight he deals a lot less damage.

The burst comes from Nullification debuff and shadow strike which he wont use again if you stand close

I tried to lure him back to the combat medics that were just off-screen. They had their health aura active and I knew he was going to debuff me, so I tried to get back to them before he re-appeared. Sadly that stupid hulk got in my way and I was dead in seconds.

When I got cornered, I tried to stay and fight him, but being a caster means not much health to tank a hero like Loxmere and a Flesh Hulk at the same time.