Nemesis vs Twin Falls

So guys, a quick question.

I`m playing a ranger pyro (brimstone) glass-cannon build.( 6k hp, -res , trying not to get hit )

Now, what i wonder, after reading the Grimdawn Farming compedium and reading some threads saying that nemesis farming is the best for legendary.

I can only farm moose for now( takes me like 3-4 minutes or more to kill him) and i can make a Twin Fall (the tower variant) + Swarming Hide full clear (including white mobs) in less than 3 minutes.

What do you guys think it`s worth it more ? Hunting for moose or doing twin falls in less than 3 minutes a run ?


From my experiance nemesis farm isn’t worth shit now, now i just skip all of them, never gonna use warrants anymore. Just run crucible with some meta build - that’s the best way now. If you want to get particular legendaries through normal game prepare to farm for weeks. Better just run long routes farming all bosses except nemesis and as many heroes as you can find. Roque dungeons are almost worthless too.

Nemesis drop prints which I hardly ever see otherwise outside of crucible. Aside from Fabius. His drops suck. The guy is a pain to drop with a lot of builds too

Crucible is only worth it if you can stand the boredom and repetition. And if you are 100% sure you’ll make it to 150 because if you die, the drops are worse than in campaign.