🌐 Nery's beginner builds collection

Good catch, thanks!

I used that devotion map in my end game Warlord with Stonefist weapon, which is a mace :sweat_smile:

Options for replacement are either Typhos or Scythe, here’s with Scythe:


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Thanks. This is my Dual Wielding beginner budget version (https://www.grimtools.com/calc/0V0vRlXN). What would you recommend in terms of devotions? I’ll be conducting a few tests on end-game dungeons , nemesis and Tier 3 totems and post my results. I tried to keep components as beginner friendly as possible.

I like it, really cheap beginner’s build!

  • I would not take Bear at all, underwhelming devotion, I like Bull better, bind it to Vire.

  • Assassin’s Mark should go to Cadence. Markovian’s is bad idea, especially for Cadence build, cause Cadence third strike overrides WPS skills.

  • Menhir’s Will will not work for your build. (returning the favor) :wink:

  • I would try getting extra target from Fighting Form at 12/12.

  • Put extra 3 points in Celestial Presence.

  • 1 point in Counter Strike perhaps.

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Hi nery I looked at the sketch you made for bleed warder was wondering about Mark of the Farseer can be worth? Or will be too many buttons maybe. Your sketch looked very good! Farmstead liberator is one of my favorite blue weapons :slight_smile:

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I will look the sketch later cause am on my phone.

I’ve requested few times for Mythical Farmstead Liberator, better to use it. :smile:

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I was also looking at the sketch you made for fire sorc :slight_smile: almost identical to what I planned for my poll. But almost nobody voted for it, and I thought that build was gonna win :stuck_out_tongue: I guess most votes are made by forum veterans that want the new dude to suffer by leveling a drain essance build :smiley:

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It’s your own fault for putting DE in the mix? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

next time I make poll it is gonna be north-korean style, just one available option!


Slight update on the topic:

  • Added my Saboteur guide to the list.
  • Added few more builds by other players.
  • New sketch, looks bad, it’s fire FoI Purifier, tag @Ulvar1 for our conversation.
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Foi looks decent I was thinking about using this weapon for endgame build https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/11698 . I think one can just use faction gear and random MI as leveling. But could be much pain like drain essence :smiley:

did you look on the ABB build i sent you?

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I don’t like chaos FoI, it feels worse than elemental versions, since you can’t utilize DoT damage.

I looked ABB build, very cheap and still powerful build! I will probably use Revenant for flat RR. If you want to make it slightly more expensive Meditation relic and different boots with physical resistance. Also perhaps Acid component (if you have Revenant) but yeah I like it.

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Thank for feedback, yeah your suggestion looks relevant. I was just throwing something together and I used same devotions that char already had (lazy).

I like chaos FoI but yes DoT is not used which is sad :frowning:

btw I could also do SR 50 with that gun and shield paladin I sent like last week. But need some more AoE for faster shard clear

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If you’re interested in Chaos FoI with this crossbow, I made some research / work on it not so long ago

  • personally I don’t like Chaos FoI because it’s not smooth since you usually need to cast more debuffs before start channeling in comparison to elemental versions

  • oh and imo you can forget about Hungering Void + Abomination combo as it doesn’t provide enough Energy Regen:

I don’t do shit like that so I have Purifier with Scythe + Scales of Ulcama:

And this is Spanks most recent Deceiver

This is a sort of hub for Chaos FoI builds:

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thanks @tqFan


yes this is a complete sentence :smiley: - keep up the good work


Question: I never played a Spellbinder or a Reaper. Is it worth it to play this before the nerfhammer? And is it possible without full sets?

and what do you suggest?

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Both classes have something to offer end game and budget options.

  • Spellbinder is the best class for aether damage. You can go with CT or AAR, Panetti is option but is more exotic and requires so many skill points. Also it’s possible to focus on Devastation but your best gear - Outcast helm is pretty rare. Spellbinder can work without set but your best bet is farming Krieg, it’s versatile and 4pieces will provide you with +1 both classes. Also some MI gear around, AAR can count on both weapon/off-hand greens.

  • Reaper is not the best class around but can work for DW cold melee, plenty of options with no set or Shadow Strike one. Or you can focus on Bone Harvest with Soulrend. Also good option for Reaper is Vitality Phantasmal Blades caster. End game set is Demonslayer and for leveling you have MI shield, easy to farm and vitality casters are tanky. Since Reapers don’t have energy regen sources, for that build you need to cover it from devotions/components.

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big thanks. I will try a aeather spellbinder.

Hello Nery,

would you please consider to update your guides? I could imagine they could need update on items and devotions.

For items only quick note what to be looking for would be enough I would say. But most of beginners are lost in devotions and I know we have some new ones.

Classed that are not in other peoples beginners builds would be preferable (Sentinel, vindicator, purifier,…)

And thank you for all your work on those builds. It is impressive and I really appreciate guides like yours or for example Stupid_Dragon’s

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Oh, I will update some of my guides in the future. Vindicator is popular, so maybe will get better treatment. Budget level 100 builds are easier to make, if I have to do leveling part, will take me long time.

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