New again, second try: <3ing GD

Hi people, Hi developers of Grim Dawn,

i love all kinds of games, but Diablo style games, will always have a special place in my heart.

i love Grim Dawn. Its just an awesome awesome game that, at least how i feel about it, shows the love for the genre and the work and thought-through game design its made from.

One “This is so good”-Moment for me:
iam level 28 and i started to do more crafting. I created the components for the Athereal Bolts and i finally got the fourth, i dismantled and epic item for one of the components and got lucky.

After putting the four together i got this new item, which i didnt really expect, which gave ma a friggin new ability with this insane damage !!! How. good. is. this. (Very :D)


PS: my first introduction was more of rant about the difficulty of the Depraved Sanctuary, sorry for that

Welcome to the game and to the forum. We’ll forgive the rant as I expect we’ve all done it at some point. :wink:

Welcome on board :cool:

Hello and welcome to the forum

Hey, similar situation here! Second time coming back to the game and getting way more into it this time. I’m about at your level. Add me on steam if you want to play together!

http ://steamcommunity . com/id/goodbyemypuppy/