New and confused player here with some Pyromancer questions

Hello everyone and thank you in advance for your attention.

I just finished my first playthrough on Normal (veteran) difficulty with a Pyromancer that is currently lvl 52. I own both expansions. Anyways, I’m currently abusing the Greater Fireblast with this build and I plan to switch to a DW Pistol Build. I noticed the OPness of Greater Fireblast is slowly beginning to fall off on the Elite difficulty and now I worry how to switch to DW build when I do not have the item that allows me to dual wield guns and I do not have good guns or anything that will get the DW build online. I heard about the Darkblaze set but that is a long way from where I’m standing.

For how long will Greater Fireblast carry me ? Should I just continue to level through the story and unlock the Ultimate difficulty using GrtrFrblst ? Should I try to farm some mid-game legendaries that will allow me to dual wield in the midgame (Skeleton Key Dungeons) ? Is it even possible to DW Pistols in the midgame or is that just for max lvl endgame ? Is there a good leveling build that will carry me to endgame ? What kind of gear should I use ?

Does this game strictly divide leveling aspect from endgame aspect or are the two interconnected ?

Help I’m lost. Every advice and recommendation is welcome. And thank you for your time.

EDIT: I found out how to upload to Grim Tools. Here is my character :

You can upload your entire char to Grim Tools

Darkblaze set will take you looong time to get… I had an idea to make a beginner friendly leveling build for a fire/chaos caster pyromancer actually. If you are interested in such guides you should look here Build Compendium X (Forgotten Gods) under the “builds for beginners” section. If you are interested, you can PM me later and I can show you some ideas and key items for such build.

There is a relic called Maraduer talisman that allows dual wielding of guns. You can buy the blueprint at a vendor called Hyram in steelclap district later in the game (you need to first save him, and then visit him a few times before he sells it).

Leveling in grim dawn is pretty easy, you should be able to hit 100 pretty easy. Endgame is mostly character fine-tuning due to gear upgrades.

Anyway, if you wanna go with ranged chaos pyromancer I can recommend


My god, your response is amazing. I am seriously speechless. Thank you so much. This information will help me a lot. Sure I’ll PM you tomorrow since its 1am. I want to hear about your chaos fire caster pyro ideas. Much love and thank you one more time.

You can also buy an even more basic relic for dual wield guns at devils crossing faction vendor, it is called gunslinger’s talisman

Here is a VERY rough sketch of a basic dual wield chaos gunman could look like at max level

I found the relic. Thank you one more time. And I linked my character in my original post so feel free to comment on it when you have time.

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