New armor augments

When I am theorycrafting characters I sometimes can’t make them because some resistances can’t be efficiently maxed with augments. There is a place for adding new augments with combinations of resistances that are currently not in the game.
There are 4 factions with only 2 armor augments (Homestead, Legion, Rovers and Devil’s Cr.). The rest of the factions have 3 armor augments (but that should not necessarily be a limitation).
I would propose theese new armor augments
8 pierce + 8 bleeding
10 poison + 8 bleeding
8 vitality + 8 aether
8 aether + 8 bleeding
8 chaos + 8 bleeding
I would also add another two for fixing energy regen on some meme characters
5 energy regen/sec
50% increased energy regeneration

There was also a discussion not long ago about changing some ring and amulet augments that have 2% OA or DA to 70 or 75 OA or DA instead because of their weakness relative to their peers.

I would welcome other potential combinations if someone can find them.

Also Nightshade powder could be changed from 7 pierce 10 cold to 7 pierce 5 elemental and Spellward powder from 10 lightning 7 aether to 5 elemental 7 aether.

Color me confused on the bleeding res. And doubly so on bleeding + poison. Components already trivialize bleeding res. Though the vit/aether pairing would certainly be welcome as the slots where sacred plating can be used are far more competitive than boot/belt/gloves

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There are all sorts of resistances on components. I have often problems with bleeding as well and it is missing a lot in the augments combinations. It would seriously open a lot of new build combinations with few new augments. I usually struggle with poison, bleeding and pierce res on my chars.

I find the bleed portion surprising given it’s trivial to source 90% bleed res from components in low competition slots. Components that are some of the highest stat density for their given slots in fact.

And if you do that you are missing a lot of other resistances or armor absorption. It is not that simple. It is never bad to have more options. And we should break the pattern that everyone uses bloodied crystals on rings. Nerfing them or perhaps buffing other ring components.

I wouldn’t mind a 10 lightning res, 7 bleeding res augment for Legion.

I don’t like the lightning on it, it’s useless with it.

This is demonstrably false.

Bloodied crystals have no clear competition in their slot, covering 30% bleed. Ugdenbog leather is perfectly comfortable hogging the boots and belt slot, and frequently sees use on the hands when obtaining 3% more adcth isn’t critical. You’re not sacrificing resistance density. You’re not sacrificing armor absorb.

Using ugdenbog leather means you are not using Spelschorched plating. You can’t use mark of traveler to fix your movement speed (which is an issue on some builds). Bloodied crystals are absolutely overused and should be nerfed. But thanks for arguing against more diversity.

How am I arguing against diversity? This was about the claim that pursuing bleed res in such a manner comes at the cost of resistance density (false) and armor absorption (also false). If you have other points to debate please state them up front rather than reaching into a bag of complaints to pull out your actual reasoning after a discussion has started.

If you are talking about only these slots then you are correct. And should every build have 3 slots taken by ugdenbog leather and 2 (often 3) slots for bloodied crystals? Because this is the way now in absolute majority of builds.

It would take away some of the challenge of building if there were a perfect piece to fill every hole. Builds are all juggling acts, and I find it more interesting to work with the somewhat limited selection we have. Expansions have already watered down this aspect of building, but it has made it much easier to cap all resists.


The greater the build diversity the better for this game. It will still be juggling because of more allowed combinations of items in our builds.

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