New Class

Which New Class would you want to be added in the game?

Barbarian - They apparently did exist during the time of the Arkovian King Rhowan, it’d be nice addition if some of them survived

Necromancer- Followers of Uroboruuk

Shapeshifter- While shapeshifters haven’t been mentioned in the lore (yet) but they’d be nice addition

Former Bloodsworn - Not all the Cultists are as crazy-

The Disciple of The First Blade
- Ulgrim, The First Blade is well versed in mysterious forms of combat that enabled him to disarm Inquisitor Creed after he by-passed all his wards, to survive in Burwitch Outskirts which was overrun by Cultists, Aetherials and Beasts, to protect himself and a group of refugees from Trolls and Aether Enhanced Trolls, to breach the Seal of the Tomb of Watchers without breaking the blood supply and to go toe-to-toe with Loghorrean. He was even feared by many of the Nightblades of the Noble Houses. Basically, he’s a bad-ass

- The Luminari haven’t anywhere been mentioned to be accomplished combatants, but their knowledge of the mystic arts has allowed them to escape situations they weren’t prepared for.

Remember to choose the right ones.

You didn’t vote :rolleyes:

What could a Barbarian offer that would be new to the roles that a Soldier and/or Shaman would fulfill?

Did you know that you can punch Diablo (D2) to death? Cause i remember doing that and here i can’t even punch a zombie to death

I agree though, the best a Barbarian could be is an enhanced soldier. But we’ve got a creative bunch of people behind this game so there could be some nice additions

Inquisitor all the way.

It’s technically the only role that is missing on GD, considering it’s lore and class roles.

Well yeah, i personally went for The Disciple of The First Blade. But and Inquisitor would be a nice addition, and seeing as how Creed had trouble’s with the Warden i am betting the class will be the toughest one to build from the ground up for the player

First Barbarian vote!:smiley:

Care to give any reasons? Cause i’d love to see that one added as well

Ehhh. Not really a big fan of the choices.

Not sure how in the world a shapeshifter would fit in well with the current masteries, unless you just picked the best passives and ran with it or something. But I sure would like to see one. The Diablo II druid is my favorite class of all time, across all RPGs i’ve ever played.

A much easier “fit” would be:

Hunter/Archer/Ranger/Bowman/Gunman - whatever synonym works with a primarily ranged damage dealer.
Cavalier/Defense/Shield-based mastery - like the Defensive mastery from Titan Quest (my second favorite skilltree in any game, ever).

No offense to this idea, but Ulgrim is most likely a BLADEMASTER, just as Loxmere is a cold/pierce Spellbreaker. His “mysterious forms of combat” most likely consist of putting Haunted Steel on his weapons while abusing a high damage/low cooldown skill like Shadow Strike. He also has Belgothian’s Carnage equipped, Black Star of Deceit and a nice pair of dermapteran slicers …:rolleyes:

Anyway, inquisitor or necromancer…

If we’re bringing Titan Quest then Dream would be a nice addition.

And my choices weren’t inspired by other ARPGs but rather by the game’s existing lore. Except for Shapeshifter cause i’m also a Diablo II fan

None taken, i just liked the idea that the Nightblades themselves feared his prowess which is why i wanted a class like this

Also, another idea-

New Class- Clone of New Player

Exclusive Skill- Transformation
“Transform into the The Actually Final Form of the Clone of New Player”

Shape-shifting is not possible, and I doubt it’s something you’ll ever see in GD.

I wonder if it’s possible to add punch/kick/roundhouse animations and implement an unarmed “Monk” class?

I voted for a barbarian :slight_smile: I always love warrior types and I’m not a fan of casters in this game.

Necromancer Xd.

Like the Assassin from Diablo II?

Umm. It was possible in a game that was made 16 years ago (memory is a little rusty) So, how’d you come to this conclusion?

Not surprised Necromancer is getting this much votes. Was my second choice as well. Still it has the least amount of chances to be actually added into this game imo

I wish to retract my previous statement, lore-wise i thought Necromancer wouldn’t make any sense as we have to choose between Kymon and Order. But apparently earlier posts from Zantai and medierra confirm a Necromancer Mastery.