New Conjurer need Help/Advice

Greetings, i started playing GD a week ago Conjurer on Veteran.

I played through the basegame and the expansion without greater problems, i was a bit weak around midgame because i choosed to raise the Blood of Dreeg&Modrogons Pact instead of the pets first, wasn’t that smart but…being smart afterwards is easy :slight_smile:

I am now playing Elite without any problems but three things make me crazy…
(my Build imo h t t p s:w w w, please remember, this is my first char, i use the equipment i have…far from what i wish to use;)

I.The damagesplit, it just feel…i don’t know…false to have everything spread so wide, lightning at the familar, fire&phys at the hellhound, phys&piercing at the biathorn…i took a look at the Buildguides, there was only one for endgame with lightning conversion…Is focusing the damage not important for petbuilds or is it so difficult to get enough conversion to make it usefull?

More of the same, i am ready to put points into Modrogon now but looking over the devotions it feels too split up. I tried several other ways with grimtool, like scorpion,manticore&Affliction for a poison/Acid build but either the setup lacks petbuffs or it makes no real sense because i can’t see any synergy.

For now i need two procskills, i linked Shepherds Call with Frailty and use savagery with bysmiels command. Now i need a third procskill for the howl soon and i have no idea what i should use, i could put one point into Pox or Swarm just for spamming it but i hope there’s a skill that makes sense.
Aside from this i plan to switch the Wretched Crow for a Salazar Blade i found as soon as i find a nice offhand-item.This would force me to respec Savagery, forcing me to find 2 new procskills. Are there any usefull proc-skills aside from Frailty or is a Pox/Swarm /Vines-Spam the only way?

I hope someone has a good idea or the expeience to helo me solving this problem.

Welcome to the forum. :slight_smile: Firstly are you playing Grim Dawn or do you also have the Ashes of Malmouth expansion as well?

  1. Having different damage types isn’t a bad thing. Some heroes/bosses are highly resistant to fire for example so dealing other damage helps take them down.

Assuming you want to be a petmancer then the main problem with your build is that Briarthorn, Primal Spirit and Hellhound aren’t maxed.

I built my very simplified Conjurer around JayNyne’s Lazy Pokemon

There’s a link to his old build if you don’t have the AoM expansion. For that build the devotions were:

Shepherd’s Crook (Vines/Doombolt)
Eye of the Guardian (Revenant)
Akeron’s Scorpion (Briarthorn)
Empty Throne
Bysmiel’s Bonds (Vines)
Manticore (Primal Spirit/Hellhound)
Levanithan (Chillmane/Primal Spirit/Familiar)
Mogdrogen (Swarm)

That was quite a long time ago and he did change things around a bit.

Here’s mine:

Not saying you won’t die with this because you probably will. I have a lot of times. But I enjoy watching the pets tear into everything while I stand around and cast Blood of Dreeg and summon Primal Spirit after it cools down.

Morning all :slight_smile:

I have the expansion and i allready played through it on veteran but i wrote this allready at the original post:D

The guide you linked is the lightning conversion build i mentioned and he has put only 1 point at the pets, he did not max them
smartassmode off

But i seems i phrased my post wrong, i do not die often at least not during fights i died once during the final malmouthfight and twice against a optional boss but quite often to areas with dense hostile enviroment…5 or 6 times alone until i recovered the cannons:rolleyes:
The build was slow at killing stuff midgame but thats fine now.

If i look at your build and the Lightning conversion build…you both use Vine/swarm/Bolt spam…soo it seems this is the only way to proc the Buffs&Devtotionpet…a pity…i hoped there would be a usefull component debuff or something like this instead of a bit senseless spam of a skill that is only used to spammproc.

So i just head on and see how it works :slight_smile: maybe i find some nice conversion Items one day to make my dreambuild. Leviathan is a interesting adivce, it offers no passive buffs but the proc is good and works together with the stuff i allready use…many thanks. Mantikor don’t look that good, it won’t stack the Debuff with Elemental Storm, i don’t have much poisondamage or buffs for poison compare to elemental/Phys-damage.

Edit:Sneaking through the Forum i found several interesting post from DaShiv that might anweser my question…i am still reading but to be honest with my limited experience some of the stuff is hard to comprehense and for other stuff i have no idea how to get the numbers…like the Pets OA…but i will read through it and see if it enlighten me or if i get frustrated and delete GD :slight_smile:

Duh, I’m an idiot. :eek:

Also posted the wrong link for my build - that’s the old base game one, not the one I used when the expansion came out. That’s this one.

Still based on his old build though. I’m just getting ready to try out the lightning one.

DaShiv is also another good pet builder so yes, well worth reading what he has to say.

Also bear in mind that you don’t have best in slot gear most likely, but as you progress may well find higher level items which could make a difference.

And GD has plenty of other types of builds to try out.

After reading DaShiv’s indepth explantion for his last build many Problems had been solved,…most had been unkown to me:D until i read about them.
A pity his guide isn’t about Conjurer g

My Conclusion is…not to worry about Damagespread until i get the Items to make a specialbuild…there will be question then…but thats stuff for a far away future:rolleyes:.
Talking about procs…well savagery or Swarm/vines until i find something better.

The only open question is…Mantikore or Rowan’s crown…mantikor is better overall and the debuff is more flexible but Elemental Storm as a better synergy imo and makes it easy for the biathorn to hold aggro.

Many thanks for your build but your setup look very passive to me. I aim for a supportive Summoner, aiding the pets with debuffing, CC’ing enemys…maybe even a hybrid that takes some action by himself if this is even possible with the limited points.

Glad you’ve got a better idea of where you’re going with your build. :slight_smile:

Yes, mine is very passive. I like standing back and watching my pets tear into things while I admire their work. Just started the lightning conjurer so that will be a bit more active.