New Feature (Kanai´s Modifers) not for smartphones

Hey guys, back in business ^^

Christmas comes near and i hope the xpac release too :stuck_out_tongue: (i know the q1 2019 release)
Soooooo i thought about some new features for the whole game instead of game modes. Something like the new feature “movement skills” for medals.

It would be really nice to see something like kanais cube of d3 for skill modifers in grim dawn.
I mean, not 3 skill modifers but maybe only 1 for build diversity. If i find all those new modifers (and yes, zantai i have a fetish for modifers) I always think about … shit i have to change my actual set for it or what ever, with such a feature i could use this 1 skill modifer instead of losing my whole set bonus and so on…
There could be so many options with it and crazy nice builds :rolleyes:
What do you think guys, is this something for the grim dawn xpac?

Gee hoping for the xpac to release by Christmas and then asking for something not even on the development list. LOL!

BTW, according to the Forgotten Gods Development FAQ, the eta for the FG release is:

i know that btw :smiley: i only said christmas comes near and with that in mind this years end and the release of grim dawn comes near too nothing else bro:rolleyes:

i hope the xpac comes in march. alot time to realize such a feature :wink: