New Forum Feedback

Put a backward slash in front of it first… *
Like so: \*

Since Discord uses Markdown for text formatting it’s just the way of it…

Edit (lol): I just realized that I said “Discord” - the forum uses “Discourse” :neutral_face::scorv:

Which also uses Markdown, so all good anyway, it’s all the same more or less :slight_smile:


is the “no feedback” forum no more? I was gonna send a drunk “hey I got the chance to finally play the new expansion blabla” message to the devs, but I was unable to find the part of the forum again that only the mods can see. so yeah here you go, was fun, story was lackluster to me personally but all in all, totally fun and worth it. but now I’m done and I…want… MOAR

No, the No Reply Feedback section went when we moved platforms.

Moar will come in smaller content updates since there are no more expansions planned for the game. Development is winding down as Crate concentrate on new projects. They’ll continue to support GD so long as it makes sense financially to do so.

Yes… and no. The section merely changed shape instead…


And the new forum is now just over a year old. :slightly_smiling_face:


I was going to suggest you block people that are like that if they bother you that much and you can’t ignore them*, but apparently this forum system doesn’t provide that option.

Really though, people should learn that beginner guides don’t have proof and references because that’s not a beginner guide anymore. At that point it’s an intermediate or advanced guide/analysis.

*Which is fair.

It does actually

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I saw that it blocks notifications, but does it also make it so you can’t see their posts or comments?

I don’t know since I’ve never used it.

Suppressing posts requires trust level 2. However, I feel it results in fractured communication and you can easily miss the context.

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I don’t like that i.e.
doesn’t show the threads I’ve muted and I need to search for the tag to see all tagged threads.

Because when I mute I just don’t want to see further replies in Latest but when I search for builds I’d like to see them all. But it’s probably just me / moderators probably read all new posts anyway.

Still the worst forum I ever saw :frowning:

Slow interface
Slow answer
Hard to find answers, etc

I don’t know If any improvement have been made but it’s still a pain to navigate after one year and half

But the graphic chart is still awesome

There is a Discourse New User Guide, which you might find helpful - especially: Taking Part in Conversations

Thanks for the recent change - last visit. It’s much easier to read.

If you are interested in all the changes and if there are more new features, read up the Discourse release notes.

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Anyone disliking recent changes to Search (searching in particular threads, in messages etc)?

It feels clunky to me and harder to achieve what I want now but perhaps I’ll get used to it
(I usually just click and not type “in:personal” or other filters).

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Gotta admit that I think the Search changes are a bit clunkier now.

On that count, fun-tip: if you want to see what Discourse version Crate has the forum on just right click anywhere (empty) and select View Page Source. The version number is displayed near the top of the source…

…and then you can view changelog info here (as eis linked above):

Can come in handy knowing which version Crate has the forum updated to.

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Another weird change - if you click Message by clicking my name it doesn’t quote the current post as it was before but the OP :frowning:
Admin, please roll back.

Click the Quote whole post button…

I don’t think that’s drastic enough to warrant rolling back possibly important security updates :wink:

Hmmm it doesn’t seem to work and quotes the first post still.