New Game Mode PvP/PvE

Will be awesome if this game has a new game mode just like Hero Line Wars from Warcraft 3’s custom map.

Which has 2 lanes and 2 team, each Team has your own lane and can’t go for the enemy lane.

To atack the enemy team, you buy mobs from store which will atack the enemy lane, and gradually you can buy stronger monster to atack the enemy lane, and you uses your Hero and build Tower to defend your lane.

The enemy bosses the goal its go to the end the lane, each team has X lives, which when each mob reaches to the end decreases the enemy lifes 1 by 1.

And also, some atackers mobs, which atack enemy’s defense.

Will be awesome a Game Mode just like that, that Game Mode was my fav in Warcraft 3.

Sounds like something you could do in a mod.

Ahh Warcraft 3 modded game modes… I spent a whole bucket load of my teenage years playing those…

Wintermaul. Hero Arena. Gem TD. Plenty more that slip my mind.

Memories… Fucken oath!


Well… Crucible could be make as mod as well, but you guys have made a DLC for us to enjoy.

So, will be a fun mod to play with or against a mates.