New guy here looking forward to this game.

Whats up. I stumbled across this game hearing people talk about it in other games. I am liking it. I have never played Titan Quest but I’ve heard good things.

ARPG’s I’ve enjoyed: Diablo, Diablo II, Path of Exile.
ARPG’s I’ve played: Torchlight, Neverwinter Knights, Diablo III.

I will be keeping my eye on this one!

My gaming PC 1:
OS: Windows 7 Pro x64
PROC: AMD Phenom II X3 2.8GHz(unlocked @ X4 3.2GHz)
GPU: XFX Radeon HD 5850 Black Edition
RAM: G.Skill RipJaws 2x4 GB & 2x2 GB
PSU: Rosewill RBR1000-M 1000 watt PSU
CASE: Azza Solano CSAZ-1000

Will this game be available as a Gamestop download? I only say this because people keep giving me these Gamestop gift cards.

not sure on gamestop, but you can bug the game and it will use the Humble Bundle store, which includes paypal support and a few others, if it does appear on gamestop, or never, I can’t really say, it will be on steam, and of course Humble Bundle, that is all I know for certain

and hi and welcome to the forums

I highly suggest you play TQ with its expansion, its an awesome game and will give you some insight on how GD will work, but a lot better and darker feel to it, but totally worth playing

but hope we will see you around the forums, especially as the alpha is close now

Welcome to Grim Dawn, the forums, and the wait for the incoming Alpha.

To add on to matthewfarmery’s post I would also suggest trying some of the mods with Titan Quest like Soul Vizier, Overlord, or lilith’s mod. I’ve started to try Soul Vizier and it’s quite the challenge while adding quite a few things to Titan Quest.

Also the expansion is called Immortal Throne (in case you’re wondering).