New here

Well, after playing a lot Diablo3 a friend of mine discovered this game and i checked it out, i liked it and bought it consequence of being addicted by gothic themes games and being a great fan of Diablo.
This game is the real deal and deserver to be considered a sequel to Diabo.
So hi everyone.

Hey buddy, I am new here as well and after the disaster that is D3 I was in search of something better to fill this void of an ARPG. I saw this video and I truly believe it will be great. The videos seem sincere and some of the BEST ideas are when people are HUNGRY for success. I believe this will be that and more. Thank for letting me be a part of this masterpiece you at crate are woking on and good luck!

You’re welcome both here to the forums. fell free to browse and inform yourselves. there are actually quite a lot of things indicating game progress and targets. hope you enjoy your stay.

Hi Soulstealer and Fubar4585, welcome to the forums.

hi to the both of you, make yourselves at home and pull up a chair and wait with the rest of us for this awesome game to come out

so hi from me and welcome to the forums

Hi guys!

We should raise a Diablo 3 support group or something :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello and welcome fellow “newbs”!

yeah we need a dedicated D3 thread that allows for a D3 anonymous group, there people can talk and complain about D3 as much as they want:D

but yeah we are getting a lot of people who have been disgruntled with D3, as time goes on, this number will probably raise

These D3 converts must spread The Word of Crate. They must go out among the lost and lead them to this most hallowed ground where they will embrace The teachings of The Cult of Crate and give up offerings of blood and prayer to our Lords and Masters.

Welcome to the forum all of you.

we do need a diablo 3 support group here.

It should be called…“I’m bored of farming”

Titles self head of the Diablo Rehabilitation Club.

My name is Fubar and I’m pissed at diablo 3… lol