New Kickstarter: "Realms Beyond: Ashes of the Fallen" TB-cRPG w/ 3.5e rules

The game launched on Kickstarter and has a week left.
It’s a party based CRPG with turn-based tactical combat on a hex grid and utilizing 3.5e rules (i.e., 3.5e D&D). The game will also ship with the editor / toolset so hopefully lots of user made mods will be released.

I’ve backed it as it because of the editor. Even if it’s turn-based - so it might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

Wow that looks almost like Grim Dawn

I daresay Grim Dawn is a bit prettier - especially the particles, which I love how they are rendered.

It launched around October 16th, and has a week left of its campaign.

What? oh dear, you’re right. We’re on the other side of my birthday!

Well, I’ll say this much from watching the vid… they definitely got them sound effects going for 'em.

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Is this sarcasm because they are a bit generic? I don’t disagree, but they are also relatively good and “atmospheric”?

No… actually I was being genuine. I thought they were pretty awesome. I was thinking if I was 20 again and still smoked weed they’d be kinda trippy to listen to.

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Why let something as inconsequential as age stop you!

Lol… well every once in a long while a friend here and there may or may not talk me into it.

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we all need friends like those you mention!

Well I only looked at the one screenshot you posted, on that alone it looks similar but after watching the video it’s not so similar, visually.

It is not as optimised as Grim Dawn, nor it had the luxury of being built over an existing engine. But it does look great.

Yeah I thought the same too. That screenie did look fairly close but the video footage was way different. Think it was just the lighting in the shot and no UI elements present.

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Never was a fan of generic fantasy turn-based games like this. Seen one, seen them all. I played fair share of them, so I get why people like them, but for me it’s utter snooze fest. Matter of preference and maybe less patience.

I actually wanted to check what is this thread about, after I opened it, I didn’t look here and checked my twitter, after I switched back to here, I thought I accidentally launched a GD mod. Checked twice and it is actually not GD. Lol.

Kickstarter really need better emails to let people know about these types of projects.

I’ve backed nothing but games on KS and the emails they send are about shit I care nothing about.

Yeah. I think it would have to be a really great game to lure me back into turn-based.

I agree completely.

They released the editor update tho, and it’s AMAZING.