New Maiven's Sphere effect weird lighting

I’m not sure if this is the proper forum sectio, because what I’m about to talk about could easily be a bug, but I’m not sure.

It’s about the updated Maiven’s Sphere of Protection visuals. First of all, I really like the new design. As conceived, it’s much less intrusive than the old one, very subtle and has the overall mystic/arcane vibe. Very cool.

However, I’ve noticed some weird lighting behavior with it. Namely, when I put the buff up, it’s almost as if my char has an invisible lightbulb on their forehead. You don’t see the lightbulb, but it emits light. The light that it emits varies in intensity, and it’s correlated with the runes that travel over your char’s body when Maiven is turned on. The light that it emits is usually centred around your char, but specifically to the front of their body, and the effect is most noticeably right in front of their feet.

This is particularly visible in areas which are naturally darker (Chthonic rifts, caves, hives) and it can be quite a bit distracting there. It looks as if there’s a spotlight centred on your character, and the contrast with the environment makes those areas look even darker then they truly are. I’m putting here a few examples.

If this is a deliberate design decision, I sincerely suggest to Crate that they rethink it, because it doesn’t look good to me, and to be honest, I think it doesn’t look good to anyone. Now, I do find it weird that I can’t see a lot of people complaining about it, which maybe means that the problem is on my end.

This lighting issue is gone next patch.

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Oh man, that was quick. Thank you very much, you guys really are the best dev team in the world. Brb, off to buy a few more loaylist packs! :grinning: