new masteries

we need a few things htat are misisng atm

a monk and a beserker type…

  1. Beserker could be modeled loosely after the persian darvish/dervish… and would fit nicely in the lore of Grim Dawn. could be similar to occultist in how they use hp to fuel some things and a Dervish/Soldier would obviously be the classical Beserker we are all desperately craving in this game. would also fit into desert-people lore

  2. Monk could just be unarmed attacks and shadowstepping similar to a nightblade with a bunch of special resistances to mind affecting spells and the ability to use an entire bar of mana at once for a power hit (ki strike ???). special dodging abilitiies and the ability to heal themselves up to a max of like 20 or 30% when they are low on hp wiht a short but not too short delay. lore friendly or not. its time for monks mk

Personal opinion: monks kind of suck and would be a hilaribad fit for Grim Dawn’s world and mechanics

Also personal opinion: Warders are a better Berserker than most other straight-up Berserker concepts to begin with

Whatever they do for a mastery, they’ve generally kept to things that fit within the game’s lore like how we got the Inquisitor and Necromancer.

That said, Forgotten Gods has us going out of the Erulan Empire apparently so we could be seeing new sorts of things we haven’t yet heard of or seen yet.

dont we have warders already (soldier+shaman)? and isn’t variety the spice of life. and isnt the spice, life. and isn’t the spice OF life, from arrakkis. a desert planet?

proof we need spice and variety and therefore beserkers and monks.

If there’s one thing we are not short on it’s variety in class combos, the soup is pretty well spiced already so to speak

Like Tycho said, Warder is already the berserker type character of this game. Kind of redundant to add another one.

I would like an unarmed mastery, along with hand to hand weapons like cestus.

I think monks /unarmed attacks are not a good concept, interferes too much with itemization, esp. in an ARPG where you combine two masteries and it is not a stand-alone class.


bo sticks


If new mastery in expansion, what about some mace/blunt oriented skills. Something high impact/internal trauma/knockback/crit has chance to crush skull

As others said, we have berserker already in the game in the form of Warder and other combinations. I am currently playing a nightblade (soon to be blademaster) on veteran and it feels a lot like the berseker archetype: throw myself in the middle of enemies with Shadow Strike, hit everybody with WPS, health bar keeps jumping everywhere and ADCTH + pneumatic burst keeps the healing.

About the monks. I’m not a fan of unarmed combat and losing two slots is bad. Monks armed with knuckles are ok, but then only monk would use this weapon type and that’s bad.

Ragnarok Online much?:smiley:

As I mentioned in the past I just want a shield mastery with shield WPS skills and skills in general which “require a shield” etc.

We’re not getting new weapon types anyway so this conversation is pointless. No monks.

Well if we add a transmuter to Savagery giving flat health regen that increases with Savagery counters with possible requirment of light armour and/or axe we have traditional berserker or put this into constellations as an active skill.
For Dervish I was thinking about transmuter to Blade Barrier allowing limited mobility with light armour.
Don’t really see need for a new mastery for these.

we need true paladin :slight_smile:

Every melee character is GD is a paladin (or any other reliqious loonie) in essence since they draw power from Above, aka constellations.
You get the traditional “Paladin powers” healing, smithing evil and protection from those.

Crate has been pretty much quiet about expanding to add more masteries, except the clue that we have new devotions that may potentially support these masteries or mastery . Before AoM was released many of us have been able to guess the obvious: Necro and the highly requested Inquisitor was not too hard to predict either. Now here comes FG and honestly I have no clue what they will bring us this time! :rolleyes:

There really isn’t that much we don’t have when you add masteries and constellations and use them as basis to traditional archtypes.
And since we know Monk and Shapeshifter are a no-no (?) can’t really quess what they are hatching.
Bloodmage using Life as a source of energy could be something (think of a Dark Sun Mage) or Psionic, but that would be “just” Dream mastery yet again.

Pretty much agree. AoM was a given. We all knew what was coming on that end, even before they confirmed it. FG is a different ballpark and I think it is why they are keeping it bottled up because now that they got the “obligatory given” masteries out of the way they are free to do whatever they want so it will be interesting to see what they come up with. I almost have a feeling they aren’t going to say much about it publicly til either near testing or near release. One or the other.

Oddly, while I kinda hope I’m wrong about that I also kinda hope I’m right :slight_smile: Sometimes being surprised is nice.

My dream would be the TQ masteries (I know I can play the mod, but that’s not the same). Dream, Earth and Storm would be so nice in GD.

You can just play mods for that, you’ll never see those masteries in GD otherwise