New mastery basic questions

I’m struggling to create a custom mastery.

I followed Ceno’s tutorial to the letter but I ended up with an empty mastery panel. However I noticed that in the tutorial he only had his custom classes to choose from…

I tried including the folders from the default classes into my mod to see if at least I could select them, but I got the same result. This is more complicated with the AoM files because some mastery files are in the gdx1 directory.

Do I have to add the standard classes to my mod records skills and ui folders in orderd to be able to select them in the game? If so, which exact folders should I import? What about the xpac? Do I have to include some folder/files from the gdx1?

I’m afraid of breaking some of the 8 default classes by not including some crucial xpac file in the mod :eek:

You don’t need to include any Xpac files or vanilla files for that matter for your mod, those files are always available in all mods regardless of if they are part of the mod or not. Just make your masteries and do what you want to do, ignore what you want to keep from vanilla because it will be there anyway. Unless you are modifying these files of course, then that’s another story.

To create a custom mastery what you need is (TLDR version):
*Create your skills and mastery files and skill tree.
*Add your mastery skill tree to the player skill tree. (records/creatures/pc/(fe)malepc01.dbr)
*Aside from the usual UI files, you will need a classtable and set it up. (vanilla ones are located in records/ui/skill/[insertnamehere], soldier for example is playerclass01 iirc)
*Add the classtable to the mastertable (records/ui/skills/)
*To create a simple button, just add a text and button file to the records/ui/classselection/ folder, just copy one of the others and adjust it to fit your mastery. All you really need is a tag change for a simple button.
*Add the selection buttons to the classselectiontable file, masteryMasteryButton demands the “button” file you created above, masteryMasteryText requires the text file you created above. You’ll also need to create a tag, and you will need a tex file for the bitmap so when you click the button you can see the splash art on the panel. You can always just use a placeholder for this to test it out of course, just reuse one of the GD bitmaps.

Once you’ve done all these steps, build the mod. Assuming I haven’t forgotten a step, it should work.

Thanks, I’ll be following the steps you mentioned and try again later today(after I put my mind together again :rolleyes:)

Do I absolutely need to name my tags as:

tagSkillClassName01=blablabla mastery
tagSkillClassDescription01=description blablabla


Because I decided to name the tags as:


Tag nomenclature is up to you. So long as it follows the format

<tag name>=<tag text>

You’re all set.

As long as they do not overlap with existing GD tags, at least as long as you want that mastery / skill / … in your mod

Ok, ty. Tags seem fine then.

Do I need to copy/import the skills_mastertable and classselectiontable exactly from the gdx1 folder?

What about the femalepc01 malepc01, from gdx1 too?

Because the ones I imported to edit were taken from the “default/vanilla” records/ui/skills folder.

Maybe something like this is causing the empty mastery panel.

if you use the vanilla (non-gdx1) files, you will end up missing stuff for the necromancer and the inquisitor, possibly controller support as well (idk for sure), but you shouldn’t be getting a blank panel. Which mastery is giving the blank panel, your custom one?

I was getting an empty mastery selection window, there simply weren’t any masteries to select…

However I starded from scratch, following your mentioned steps more closely and managed to fix it(TY).

The error was happening after I inserted my masterybuttons and masterytext because I didn’t include the masteryMaterySelectedBitmapNames .tex file in the classselectiontable.

This resulted in all mastery selection buttons disappearing.

There was another guy who followed Ceno’s tutorial and ended with the same problem because IIRC he(Ceno) forgot to mention these things about mastery splash images. No wonder, because there is a lot of stuff to explain and keep track of :rolleyes:

Anyway, all is fine and my custom mastery shows up. I even made a skill for it and it’s working :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help.

As I make some new skills I’ll have to pester around here some more to learn stuff :stuck_out_tongue: