New Meshes with old animations

Hi! How i can replace monster meshes with my own, and leave the original animation? have only 1 idea, it setting my rig close the same as i can see Bones in Viewer

I am not the one to answer this question, but there are people around that understand this stuff. But I would rewrite your question as the part above is very confusing, I am not sure what you are trying to say.

i want to make a model , and replace it to model from game, but i need to save animations. So , i have rig for male/female and i can setup it, but i not have rig monsters, bcs for male/female its gave us from developers, but many creatures have different bones system

Pretty sure only the devs have the rigs

This is a reason why i ask)) how i can do it another way

There is no other way, at least no way that I know of and no one has shared any info saying otherwise.

i think i now 1 way, but not tryed yet, if it works will be grate