New patch character = fail

I call my dual pistol build a fail now, dying constantly. Can’t kill nemesis on ultimate and the sentinal graphics should be changed to a giant hand giving me the finger and instead of spawns the hand should just throw shit that splats you in the face and you die whilst the green crystals that he spams like crazy and you have to not fight near them should be changed to giant toilet bowls that if you get near one you get flushed to death.

I really hate a few things about the game

1- the hell gate formula quest and the posion floor

2- dying in SoT or BoC and being sol with another blood of chathon (though not that bad anymore)

3- not being able to buy dynamite anymore

4- the area north east of blood grove with aether ground

5- the conflagaration with aether ground

6- the sentinal so so so so much

7- and although I havent played the area yet I’m going to assume I hate it the new rouge dungeon based on aether ground…no thanks.

Level 85 maxed fire strike line and black water cocktail line with briarthorn pet to help me from getting bum rushed.

The legion smiths in Homestead and Fort Ikon can craft them for you.

This ^^

I’ve only been playing for around 4 months now but found that pretty much straight away , have you been gone for a while ?

But yeah I’m with you on all the ground effects , so over the top .

That’s why I will never enter the new Port Valbury , pointless if that’s the sort of thing I hate , massive amounts of ground effects .