Hey mr. Z, first of all I want to say that I absolutely loving that work that Crate provides in this patch to increase the “eye-candy” for many spells and skills

However there is a one a “black sheep” on this graphics holiday, and this is a transmitted PB

By the way - it’s a full Harra

Just look at this? Is this a XMas, and this is a sugar cane? There is a grim atmosphere?

So, please, doing smth with this, like:

  1. revert it on classical badass looks, or
  2. keep this exclusively to demonslayer’s set, or
  3. don’t change color of PB with transmitter on Harrah’s set

how u see (my avatar and profile)
i like purple and pink very much
but in this patch where are a lot of pink in grim game

return PB as it was