New player advice

Hi guys

I’m new to the game. I have been looking through the builds on the forum and obviously there’s a lot I don’t understand, which doesn’t really matter. But what I would like to know is if there is a good class to start out with? I really don’t have any items yet, really starting from scratch here. Any advice is most welcome! Thanx!:slight_smile:

Try soldier with cadence and a mace and shield. It’s a bit boring at first but very solid and very powerful end-game. If you prefer guns, try demolitionist with fire strike and rifles or dual pistols (requires items that enable dual wield). If you prefer casting, try an arcanist with Panetti’s replicating missile and olexra’s flash freeze.

Warder is best class for beginners, tons of hp, very high survivability, easy to leveling up.

I’ll second the vote for warder. Warder, Blademaster, and Witchblade all have extremely high health and survivability and will give more breathing room to figure out the game.

Is a summoner noob friendly?

summoner is very easy but really boring after awhile. :wink:

Honestly i would just experiment with everything and see what you personally like. Not worrying about “end game” at first and just learning the skills is more important than what classes you choose imo, especially being new to the game.

The only thing i will suggest is not to pick too many skills (not spreading your points thin basically) and focus slightly more on your mastery bar at first for the attributes.

It all comes with practice. Even starting with a “unkillable” class, being new you will still die. :wink: