New Player Censure Question

Hello new to the game, sorry if this post is in the wrong spot. Questions about Inquisitor skill “Aura of Censure”

Does this skill benefit from…

1-- Health on damage done
2-- Cast/Attack speed


No to both.

Thanks for the quick reply, any suggestion on the best method to scale the skill or what to pair it with?

1- Only if you wear Radaggan set for the special mod. But for % lifesteal bonuses you generally need %wp dmg component in the spell

2- No

Best paired with anything elemental either all 3 at one or separate lemental dmg, fire, lightning, cold. In the case of Radaggan paired with vitality/acid

Aura of Censure is essentially one of the best forms of elemental resist reductions (RR) you can get in the game in that its effect is instantaneous (you don’t need to cast it for it to work).

Without going into the math, RR is vital to increase your DPS in the end game, and as such should be skilled heavily at that point.