New player,dont know what to play,plz Help

I started the game 2 days now and yet i haven’t decide what to play with,i like range classes with guns/bows…
So far i like Demolition classes and Shaman,i tried to combine them but i do so low damage while take so much damage at the same time…So far i am 28lvl,i know are low that’s why i ask if this combination worth or i have to do one of these 2 with some other class combined…
I am focusing grenado,mortar,the small bomb(i dont remember the name) and lightning totem…

Are you playing veteran mode? Which skills do you use? Devotions? Gear?

Oh I see your skills. Why do you think the damage is low? Is there enough points in those to do damage? Is your gear supporting damage? And then why are you taking damage? Are you running away at times when fighting champions and bosses? Then come back when your healing is again recharged cool down?

Atm i dont know which build to use since i cant find any build to like thats why I play as demo,using grenado as main dmg,mortar and Fire strike with flame touched…using 2hand shotgun to make dmg from afar, as secondary mastery i have shaman for 2 totems.
I dont know if i am doing it right…!

Spreading your skill points all over the place in the first few levels might run you into trouble.

You can show us your build by using that website:
Just link it here once you’re done (click on save).

Does it worth to play as Demo with grenades as main dmg,like caster…??
What stat to focus as Demo? SPirit?
I use this build because i like both Demo and shaman and i wanted to try if it worth to play as both…
I like the dmg of Grenade and the totems but as i said in previous post i take insane dmg when fighting a boss…

I’m quite new to the game also so I’m no expert but I have a couple of tips for you anyway.

You say you use Guns/Crossbows but you have a point in Windego, I believe Windego totem only works if you, and some enemies are within 5m radius of the totem so it’s quite useless if your fighting from range. You could do with putting more points into Madrognens pact or Vindictive flame as these are good passive healing. Concussive Bomb is also really good when you’re trying to kite enemies as it will stun them and let your Madrognens/Vindictive heal you up while you get some distance.

I’m not sure if storm totem is the same and has a radius but these sort of things are not too great for ranged classes as you want to be moving around a lot and kiting your enemies, not staying in one place getting hit.

Another tip I have is to try to put more points Explosive Strike, Static Strike and Fire strike. This will cause your auto attacks to do way more damage and you’ll kill most mobs before they even reach you.

All that said you don’t have any points to do this stuff as you’ve put them all straight into your mastery… I’ve no idea why you did so early in the game. Anyway I hope this helps.

Yes, it is worth it. You can pretty much any build work, even though it might not be a meta cookie cutter build.
The stat depends on the primary damage type. If it’s physical (physical, pierce, internal trauma, bleed) you go for Cunning. If it’s magical (fire, lightning, etc.) you go for Spirit. And if you’re too squishy (without the necessary defense from gear, skills and devotions) or you can’t wear the gear you want/need to use then you go for Physique. It’s an universal attribute.

As I thought, you skill points are way too spread and way too many points in masteries early on. You don’t have the necessary damage to kill quickly and without the damage your only option is to outlast the enemy which requires a lot more defense. You should pick one strong skill and focus on it to deal more damage. And then, when you can’t kill enemies quick enough, bolster your defenses.

It has a range but you don’t have to stand in it, just the enemies need to. It’s a great skill for ranged characters.

Ah I see! I haven’t used it so I wasn’t sure.

Your a caster do not tank bosses, dodge man dodge! This is a template for bomberman build.

Thank you all for your replies…As i am seeing my stats and build is crap so i will do a new chara.
Can show me a good build to use?
As i said i like Demo and Shaman,doesn’t have to have both masteries in it tho, i like to play with guns or a caster…
Can anyone make me a good build to make?

the problem isn’t that i cant dodge a boss,but i do way to low dmg while i take insane by 1 hit.

Unless I knew your stats I could not say what the issue is, but your lack of damage comes from lack of build focus, stat distribution at level 28 will not greatly alter your damage by large amounts, your points invested in the skill will, max grenado + high impact and ulzuins chosen now and you will kill bosses in 1 to 2 hits. If you can afford it respec and get those 2 high, use canister bomb for room clear and extra boss damage for 12 points it is a realy good room clear, go spirit and physique 1:3

  • to those skills will be your best item stat to look for after that Cooldown reduction, %fire damage and if you chose to get storm totem at some point then lightning damage / elemental damage, don’t forget to get Offensive ability so you hit, and resistance, should feel a lot better

Grenado’s physical damage can be converted to magic damage with conversion affex’s

I think you can still make your character work as Unholyegon says, but if you want a good build to follow that looks like the one you are going for then check this one out